Sunday, September 2, 2012

Organizing Our Homeschool

It's been a while since I've posted! Kept forgetting to upload pics and my phone is being silly about sending emails out. Anyway, wanted to share our organization for our home-school. We don't have a dedicated room since we live in a small townhouse so space is limited. 

These 2 rubber maid type drawer sets come in handy! I have 1 drawer for each child with their workbooks and other daily items in them. On the other side i have one with craft/art supplies then the other 2 are basically stuff we have nowhere else for! On top we have our globe,pencil holder and my daily teaching books. 

Up above the stove in our kitchen I have a bunch of craft supplies and a few other things that i don't like to keep out all the time. 

For the bulk of our curriculum I have a crate labeled with weeks 1-34 (since that is what My Father's World is setup for). In each folder I have
The weekly lesson plan grid
  • a list of supplies
  • time line pieces
  • worksheets for math and note booking
  • sentence strips for Bible memory verses in the weeks we start new ones. 

We have a calendar wall for the children setup so we can practice days of the week, counting, weather and reading a calendar. It's a bit different looking now since it's been moved a few times but same general idea.

The last thing not listed is the shelf in my closet. There I have all the other books that we will use throughout the year. Not on a daily basis or maybe later in the year. 
So hopefully this can help some of you with storage/space issues! We have gotten creative and tried to keep it from overrunning our house but as a homeschool family I guess it tends to after a while! 
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