Friday, July 13, 2012

First Two Weeks

As the title suggests we finished our first two weeks! So here's an update. Next week is off for the Artist to do just that. She's going to an art camp. I didn't do much with the littles this week so I will probably do that while the oldest is at camp.

The Artist:


The first week was a lot of intro stuff. We went over the world and US map, found where we live and colored the maps after labeling the continents. We briefly discussed vikings on thursday.
The second week we talked about Christopher Columbus and added him to our timeline. The first section of "American Pioneers and Patriots" was read and we learned about Pedro and Catalina as they journeyed from Spain to the "new world".
On Wednedsay all three helped to make three boats, the nina pinta and santa maria.

We tried for a while to get them to stay up with the sails.

Finally emded up taking the sails off and just letting the boat float. LOL They still had a LOT of fun!


Last week we started BJU Math 3. We finished the first chapter Thursday. It was mainly a review of the strategies for adding, subtracting and solving word problems.
(thanks to the little cowboy who decided to play with the camera for getting the pic! LOL)


This was new to us both but we started Prima Latina the second week. I wasn't sure how my little artist would like it but she seems to enjoy it! We talked about the alphabet, greetings and a few vocabulary words.


The first week we talked about what scientists do and tried a little experiment with floating eggs in plain vs salt water. She was surprised to find that the egg in the salt water floated!

This second week we started Usborne's "Science with Air" On Thursday we tried an experiment to see if an empty bottle is really empty by pushing it down under the water in our kitchen sink.I was surprised at how much fun she had with something so simple! In the end my little Artist learned that there was air in the bottle even though it looked empty.

Language Arts and Reading

We've been reviewing cursive as well as manuscript writing so far just for some extra practice. Spelling will start nxt week and our Primary Language lessons I think the week after that.

 For reading I let her pick one of her chapter books. She chose a Scholastic one called "Pink Princess Rules the School"I FINALLY Figured out why she wasn't wanting to read though! I knew she had comprehension issues but just asking questions wasn't doing it. SO last week I wrote first, next last on the white board. After she read some to me (aloud) we stopped and I asked her to tell me what happened. We wrote a sentence on the board before continuing. After a few more pages we wrote another sentence and again at the end of the chapter. Then sort of worked together to summarize what happened. IT WORKED! Now she's reading fine for school. Wants to read ALL 3 books for bed time (each picks a story) plus anything that needs read for history or science! She's not sitting and reading on her own free time yet but she is reading whenever we get books out together! Woohoo! This is the child that for the past year I've been trying to get to read with incentives and a variety of other ways and nothing worked. Now she WANTS TO READ!

The Cowboy and the Princess

For the first week we talked about school, read stories about school and also the ABC's. We've sort of continued those books into this week but also started talking about the letter A.  I have some pictures on my phone of them making froot loop necklaces nad other things but my phone isn't letting me send/upload them right now so maybe I'll post them later.

Monday, July 9, 2012

New School Year!

And LOTS of changes! I've finally got a computer and internet again. WOOHOO! So We have finished one week of school. Decided to go with a year round schedule (one change there). After having june off I felt we were ready for some order and kids around here aren't out til after lunch anyway. SO we decided to go ahead and start July 2nd with a 3 week on 1 week off schedule.

3rd Grade: The Artist (8yo dd)
MFW Adventures for Bible, History, Science, Music, Art
Math is BJU Math 3
LA: Primary Language Lessons
Spelling: Spelling Power
Latin: Prima Latina
Handwriting: Will be practiced through a variety of ways including a Scholastic Cursive practive book.
Reading: Lots of books! Anything I can get her to read for now until she gets more confident. Then we'll start on the list I have.

Preschool: The Cowboy(4yo ds) and the Princess 2.5 yo dd)
I put my own schedule together with a theme and letter for each week. We'll get books from our home library and the public one plus lots of arts and crafts!
Since we have our internet back we'll use too.
Rod and Staff About Three workbook series (Mr. Cowboy will fly through these but he likes them.)

First Day Events

We learned about the Pledge of Alegiance and for our "book basket" she read a book about the flag.

We made a patriotic snack to celebrate our country. Rice Krispy Treats are MUCH easier to buy! LOL BUT all 3 had fun and we had quite the mess of a kitchen making our red white and blue rice krispies. Perfect time to start our year of US history when celebrating our country's Independence Day/

The Cowboy and Princess decorated pages with the letter of their first name on them. Miss princess only colored the one corne while the other had the whole thing colored in quickly. They worked on those and some of their Rod and Staff workbooks while I finished up our first day with the artist.

We had a WONDERFUL first day and week. Completely loving the My Father's World curriculum. Such a change from our previous workbook style but miss artist and I are really glad we made the change. Even the two little ones join us to listen to what we are learning. Here's to a great start to a new year!

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