Sunday, December 9, 2012

What's happening in our homeschool since thanksgiving?

Hello again! Here's a little update about our school the past few weeks. We are getting ready for Christmas break and will have some fun porjects and cookie baking in the coming weeks!


Working on fractions! We've talked equivelant fractions, comparing using greater less than and equal and this coming week we'll finish our chapter with parts of a set and eventually adding fractions.


We've covered Daniel Boone and the state of Kentucky right after thanksgiving. This past week we lrearned about Eli Whitney and his cotton gin. On thursday we added our 16th state, Tennessee! Two kiddos had fun trying to pick cotton "seeds" out and were surprised at how hard it was. I was even amazed to learn that it would take a person 1 day to clear a pound of cotton of it's seeds before the gin was invented by Mr. Whitney! Here's our timeline and state bird/flower cards that we've covered so far this year.







We learned about weather last week and this week we learned about living things with our Usborne "First Encyclopedia of Science". On tuesday we made a list of living/non living as we read through Genesis 1. Wednesday we read about cells and got to make our own model using a baggie (membrane), jello (plasma) a grape for the nucleus and dried beans for the organelles!







We're working our way through the Hooked on Phonics 2nd grade blue book. My little artist flew through the green one and has slowed a bunch now that it's actual work for her. It is helping a lot though and she really enjoys the program and the HOP books.

In our English lessons we've worked on letter writing, learned about exclamation points and worked on note taking. For some of these my little Artist worked on her cursive writing which is still a challenge since we haven't practiced it enough since learning it last year in second grade.

In Spelling we have just about gotten through level A of our "Spelling Power" book! We did the last review test and one of the delayed recall tests, we have some reviewing to do before finishing the level and moving on to level B. I have seen a BIG improvement in her spelling thanks to this program.

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