Media Kit

Media Kit

Jacquie lives in Ohio with her husband, Wayne, of ten years. Those ten years have held a lot of challenges but God has seen them through. They have four wonderful blessings and have been a homeschool family since  fall of 2009. Jacquie never imagined that she’d be homeschooling but even with all of it’s challenges, can’t imagine it any other way! She and her family are involved in their church and homeschool groups as well as several community activities. She enjoys crafts, games, reading and the outdoors. She started My Blessings Homeschool a few years ago and started writing regularly in the fall of 2013. She writes about homeschooling, Christian living and family life. Jacquie has a passion for inspiring, uplifting and encouraging others.


I look forward to working with you! Contact me at or on Facebook for more information. God bless! 

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