31 Days of Encouragement

There are so many encouraging verses of the Bible that I want to share some of them with you! So, for each day in October I'll share a verse with you and I pray that you find encouragement you need to get through your day with God's words and promises fresh in your mind.Whether it be a crazy day with your little ones, a stressful day at work or whatever situation life may throw at you, God's word is always true and we can find so much encouragement through His gift to us, the Bible. Join me on this journey of 31 days of encouragement! 
Links to Posts
1. Intro
2. Rejoice!
3. He Will Give You The Desires of Your Heart
4. A Full Quiver
5. This is the Stuff
6. Do You Have it All Together? 
7. Hebrews 12:3 
8. God's Plans Aren't Always Ours
9. You're A Great Mom!
10 Following Your Dreams 
11 He Will Restore
12 Above Rubies
13 Church is the Place
14 Love Never Fails 
15 No Limits
16 Bible Verses for Moms 
17 Wisdom for Parents
18You're Raising Your Teens Now 
19 Pastor Appreciation
20 Jesus Is Coming 
21 Call to Me and I Will Answer
22 I Really Want to Change...So Help Me God 
23 Struggling with Depression?
24 Count Your Blessings 
25 A Mother's Love 
26 Blessed By My Children
27 How Can Those Who Haven't Heard Believe? 
28 Psalm 23
29 Winter is Coming
30 Then Sings My Soul
31 Wrap Up

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