Friday, November 29, 2013

FLASH SALE! Ultimate healthy Living Bundle Nov. 29-Dec2

If you missed it earlier this month you have another chance to get in on this awesome deal! Earlier this month I shared about all the the goodies in the bundle including the over 80 ebooks, freebies and coffee table conversations conference. . I also shared several ideas in the Christmas gift guide for ways to give to bundle books as gifts. 

I also talked about a few of the specific books in the bundle including "Natural Birth Stories" in my Journey to Natural Child Birth post .As well as how our family has made a major change in the way we do breakfast in my review of "Breakfast Revolution." You can also learn about the "Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert" book in my post about why we chose to use cloth diapers. 
If you missed any of those posts feel free to click the links and catch up. Then be sure to get yourself the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle and up to 2 more at half off for your friends and family for an amazing Christmas gift!

Don't forget this flash sale only lasts until Midnight on December 2nd. After that you can buy each of the books separately but that will cost over $1,000 without all the other freebies offered with the bundle for only $29.97.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year on Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for. I originally planned on doing a post each day on my Facebook page for things I was thankful for. I honestly had a hard time choosing just one thing each day so I decided to put them ALL here in a post. I also read another blogger's post about being thankful for things we aren't usually thankful for so that got me thinking even more. 

1. My savior, Jesus Christ 
2. My husband

3. Safe labor and delivery of my 4th blessing
4. God's provision for my family
5. Our church family  
6. My home
7.The freedom to home school my children
8.  Our pastors who teach the truth even when we don't want to hear it 
9. The Bible
10.My oldest daughter Chelsea and her love for art.
11. My son Hunter and his energy
12. My 2nd daughter Natalie and how she can light up a room with her smile.
13.All of the beautiful trees around our new house that turned such vibrant colors this fall.
14. Raking all of those leaves and having fun with my kids.

15. My husband's job and the fact that he really likes it! 
16.My pastor's wives who are such great mentors and friends to me.
17.My dad who loves us unconditionally even if he doesn't agree with all of our ways.
18. My sisters
19. My husbands family
20. The ability to write and share with you all on my blog and facebook page.
21.My home school group 
22. The piles of laundry sitting in my basement and the fact that I have a washer and dryer to wash them in
23. The piles of dishes which mean that I have plenty of food for my family
24. board and card games for the hours of fun they bring for my family
25. For all of our crazy pets and the entertainment they often bring despite themselves
26.Baby carriers for making a fussy baby into a happy one.
Photo: Fussy baby is now a happy baby

27.good books to read
28. My mom
29. My crazy days that leave me exhausted, my kids and husband happy and others thinking I'm absolutely crazy for having four children and wanting more! 
30.The beautiful snow even though it's cold but I know spring will return and I'll be even more grateful for it.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving day? 

Don't forget to be thankful for the things that you don't normally think of. Our God is amazing and does so much for those who choose to follow Him. Give Him the glory, honor and praise this Thanksgiving Day and every day. Don't let  all of the Black Friday craziness get in the way of the fellowship and thankfulness of this fun holiday! 

Happy Bhanksgiving from me and my blessings to you and yours!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time for Jesus?

 photo fotoflexer_photo_zps37b90226.jpg

This past Sunday we made it to church and through the sermon. I only heard bits and pieces while taking care of the baby and then trying to get her to sleep when she got tired. Afterward everyone helped setup for communion, the men went into the other room and the women sat in our area for feet washing. As usual our assistant pastor's wife had several songs picked out for us to sing while we went through this first part of our three-fold communion.

One of the songs really struck me. I know it was the Holy Spirit working on my heart as we sang these words.
  1. Have you any time for Jesus,
    While the fleeting moments roll?
    Is this mortal life so busy
    That you cannot save your soul?
    • Refrain:
      Soon the summons from the portals
      Of the mansions in the sky
      May be sounding your departure;
      You must then take time to die.
  2. Have you any time for Jesus?
    Can it be, life’s journey through,
    That you have no time to serve Him
    Who has spent His life for you?
  3. Time for business, time for pleasure,
    Time to revel on in sin—
    Will you not take time for Jesus?
    Oh, invite Him to come in.
  4. If you have no time for Jesus
    Ere you pass beyond the blue,
    In the resurrection morning
    He will have no time for you.
It made me realize I really haven't been spending time with Him through Bible reading and daily prayer. I've been letting so many things in my life take my attention away from Him. 

It's easy to do really, in our modern day world with so man distractions fighting for our attention. The smart phone with another game notification, e-mail coming in that needs to be read, Facebook posts to read, videos to watch, people to chat with. blogs to read and of course there's the daily tasks of a mother caring for the house and children. The list is never ending. 

I'm starting today. Even if it's midnight and I'm tired I'm determined to make time for my loving savior, Lord, master, friend, counselor, provider and redeemer. 
The word of Daniel O. Teasley's song don't only remind Christians to spend time with the Lord but it's also a message to those unbelievers who haven't given their hearts to Him.  "If you have no time for Jesus, Ere you pass beyond the blue, In the resurrection morning He will have no time for you." It's his way of sharing the gospel news. Jesus has saved us from our sin by dieing on the cross. If we don't have time for Him and open our hearts to invite Him in we will be turned away at heaven's gate when we are called home.

How about you? Have you any time for Jesus? Or have the things of this world gotten int the way?

If you're like me and have let things get in the way of your time with Him, take back that precious time! You'll be glad you did. 

If you haven't yet opened the door, do it today! Let Jesus into your heart, pray and ask forgiveness for your sins and begin that wonderful relationship with Him!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Update 11/18-11/22 Penguins, Kangaroos and Norway!

Exploring Countries and Cultures

Last week we "flew" across the Atlantic to Norway! We had some fun making woven hearts out of paper like Norwegian children do for Christmas, had a challenging geography game with all those little European countires and learned some fun facts like 2 countries in Europe are only 1 square mile! 

We are continuing to use and enjoy Easy Peasy for math and reading. We've moved out of the poetry section and into Aesop's Fables for reading. Math was a challenge with the mental math lessons but we've made our way through and are continuing to work on those skills.
 photo 011dd54dd14ac7ff3d32b6d7beb8b3e23122d70e04_zpse34975eb.jpg


In Kindergarten/Preschool news we finished up our penguin unit and started learning about kangaroos! Since we had balloons hanging around from the birthday party I made one int a penguin, He came out quite cute although his feet didn't last long with a rambunctious five year old around. Hunter and Natalie were both amused by the fact that baby kangaroos are called joeys. Natalie got a BIG preschool book for her birthday and has been excited to work in it and earn the stickers.
 photo 013a2decfd9a39a8e77108a47de121be854271ceb5_zps963854c7.jpg

 photo 01bf96908e03f4ea7eb8b60ebc204ee5d659fda73f_zps9a552ce0.jpg

 photo 019b21f48ebbc88bbaff1b73e53801ac0a361ac492_zps34913956.jpg

 photo 013044d845e221b9e5a55dffb1da5df9dcff7be1af_zps67a404a2.jpg

Baby Days 

Miss Allison continues to be a happy little baby who loves attention! She is starting to roll now but still gets mad pretty quickly on her belly. The best news is she's sleeping longer! Last night we got a seven hour stretch. Mama is hoping we are going to keep it up.

 photo 013b0c20f452ef9785679bf687ec244a0dae05b6f6_zpsaa0465f8.jpg
 photo 01375e4e1b354e398a1b8ff4f2c12f675a7f5af91e_zps903a6491.jpg
 photo 012b81897ce6e83625b3568a141c53efa123f06964_zpsc6256118.jpg 

We've had a fun week! How about you?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Natalie's 4th Birthday!

My little princess is 4 today! It's hard to believe that it's been 4 years already. This little girl has a smile that is contagious. It lights up her whole face and you just can't help but smile with her! My Miss Jane can be so sweet. She loves her sisters and brother but can also have a major attitude! She can hold her own, I guess you have to with big brother only 18 months older! She's my little princess, loves everything pretty, pink, sparkly and girly!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Brazil, Elephants and Penguins! Week in Review 11/4-11/15

 photo 01ff8e9220b22fcef57acb01f45ad9ee66afb30ef9_zps63c254a5.jpg

I didn't get an update doe last week so here's some fun pictures from the past two weeks!

Exploring Countries and Cultures: Brazil

In fourth grade ECC we finished up Brazil/ South America. We had a LOT of fun this week! We made carnival masks, listened to samba music and made 2 Brazilian desserts which were both a big hit with all three kids and myself.

 photo 0171136246b13dc72fc70919bc09c0d16f5195c70f_zps0a2a3d14.jpg Our avocado dessert

 photo 01a86c40941a52d6785768fda635cc7b03bfba827a_zps98c157de.jpg Yummy cookies!

 photo 019f8c7e800ccdca5f0ae60183c85863c07efb90e1_zps083993c3.jpg

Chelsea in her carnival mask!

 photo 01dea0d03d045cb0665b48651bd15fbad6de0217dd_zps1555b41f.jpg We read about Nate Saint & made an MAF plane

 photo 01aa021842017179a9040aa1b78288997cd99c6d4b_zpsb3f51b8a.jpg

Reading about the rain forest

 photo 01bc6e88009d6cdcdffeaf5070aca7c37143c67403_zpscec3536f.jpg Playing the geography with Daddy

 photo 012cfb22700f65db2088e85dae8f3d44a7e7a45574_zpsce19d1e6.jpg

Working on some math

Kindergarten/ Preschool: Elephants and Penguins

Last week we finished up our elephant unit and on Tuesday we started Pp Penguins. Natalie has been tagging along with big brother most of the time.

 photo 01a67223572b976f18f009a84c8bb5b63278d7a08c_zpsc7811119.jpgReading "The Sled"

 photo 0155e32d292432dfa80031469120c5331425f9ccc7_zps1fbb3b1a.jpgHunter drawing things that stat with Ee
 photo 0140f2cea98239cfaf50a8f4108631b9748ddf9bc9_zps3b152c7f.jpg

 photo 0177234a52b03c89650c35ec39ead809111a69f2ec_zps8e29a155.jpg
Our "iceberg" in the kitchen sink.

 photo 010705a216a6c9a50f15e7101e988df72b0787e95b_zps8b3060c1.jpg

 Natalie playing with the iceberg

 photo 012fe846e9d98ff0551e0ec2fe12845ffe4caa3651_zpsb6122047.jpg Word ladder page

 photo 018f7677a1b80ef9856c869fb3e8a8a233d9412dd8_zps74a7a411.jpgwriting letter Pp
 photo 012d52c3b5e2851efdb2bcc0fd19c3d473fa140c6b_zps40ec5b67.jpg  Penguin card for Daddy. We used the badge to trace the shape.

Baby Days

 photo 40cf4efa-1b98-48cd-be34-e5432794d3b3_zpsaa5e7356.jpg
Rolling over pretty well now!

 photo 0122a120e15c2f7be52c3ddae6c4583ee64ec9e87a_zps01844756.jpgSnuggled with big sister Natalie
 photo 0103326daeab06332ed5315fc50af5830d68e400c6_zps2a8394f6.jpg
One of the kids must have caught this one! I love the look on her face

 photo 012d5dbe6e99ac108565073a578906f5b7a06bfa71_zpse42465a9.jpg Anytime Chelsea is around Miss Allie is captivated and smiling!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Born Of Persuason by Jessica Dotta: A Review

Rural England in the 1800's is the place for Jussica Dotta's book "Born of Persuasion." Like many books it starts off rather slowly, introducing characters and setting up background info.Once I really got into it though I couldn't put it down!                                                                                

    About the Story

    Young Julia Elliston is forced to make decisions on her future after her mother's mysterious death. After being released from her previous engagement to Edward Aubun who recently became the local pastor. She rashly seeks a husband to avoid her guardians demands to go to Scotland. Julia never thought though that the man she thought she loved she would soon be running for her life.  


 What I Thought          

    I love the Victorian era which is why I picked this book in the first place. Secondly it's by a Christian author who includes an element of faith as Edward tries to help Julia see that God is in control and allows things to happen in our lives for a reason. Jessica Dotta has the next  book in this series coming out next summer and I can't wait to get my hands on it and read more of Julia and Edwards story 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time4Learning Reveiw

Over the next 30 days, I will be reviewing Time4Learning. They offer an elementary school curriculum, middle school curriculum,high school curriculum, and tools like the Getting Started Homeschooling Guide. Be sure to come back and read about my experience!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Sale: It's Almost Gone

Today is THE LAST DAY for the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle sale! Here's one last peek at what's included before it's gone. I've shared with you this week about just a few of the great books in this package and there's over 80 others to read, gift and enjoy! Don't miss out on this awesome package.

What's in the Bundle?

Get Educated
We took 86 eBooks (plus 1 eCourse) by popular bloggers on topics like real food & recipes, green living, natural cleaning and beauty, mental and emotional health, fitness, herbal remedies and more

Get Mentored
.  Then we added the brand new "Coffee Table Conversations," a 12-week series of author mentorship through interactive online conference calls and private support groups.This is the part I'm super excited about! I can't wait to sit down with these amazing women and ask them my questions! 

Get Equipped We finished it off with 9 bonus sponsors offering you $150+ of incredible products and services to help you along your way. This includes bonuses like $25.98 of FREE eco-friendly laundry detergent from Dizolve (because we all need clean clothes). This bonus nearly makes up for the entire cost of the bundle!

How Much Does the Bundle Cost?

Everything in this bundle amounts to over $1000 which just baffles me to think of because if you buy the bundle, it's only $29.97. 

At midnight tonight the sale ends and while you can still buy these books from the authors, there won't be this chance to get them ALL at such an amazing price with all the perks and bonuses of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. 

09 10