Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas TIps + A Chance at FREE Books!

Today I Have a few tips for you as you start, or maybe finish up shopping for the kids on your list this year!

1. Set a budget. As with any spending it's important to have a spending limit or you'll spend way beyond what you initially intended to spend. Be sure your hubby is on the same page with you too!

2. Look for deals. I've been hearing some things about "black Friday" deals not really being deals lately. Be sure that if you are going for a deal that it really is a deal! Checkout the original price of the item before buying.

3.  Keep four gifts as the key. Something to wear, something they need, something they want and something to READ! Most kids have plenty of WANTS! I know mine do. But it's also a good idea to get them things they can use as well. Something to READ will last longer than a pile of toys they'll be bored with in a few weeks. The books will be there to inspire their imagination for months to come!

I have the something to read covered for you!  Usborne Books has been running specials all weekend. Today for Cyber Monday they have added a lot of new items to the sales! Tonight join me to party in our PJ"s on Facebook at 9pm EST. I will share info about the books on sale, games with prizes and one guest will win the hostess rewards! Anyone has the opportunity to win free books and other prizes so be sure to click here to RSVP and join us for the fun! If you can't make it to the party you can still checkout the deals here.

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