Monday, February 18, 2013

February "Diligence" update

This year is flying by! It's the end of February already! WOW! Here's my update on my three goals for this year. 

1. My Home: Getting better! I bought some small baskets for my kids rooms and the bathroom. When they are full they get dumped in the washer for 1-2 loads. Then things get put away that same day. This has been helping with my laundry tremendously! 

Keeping up on the rest of my house is still a work in progress. I really need to come up with a system that works for me. It is getting better BUT not as good as I'd like. The kids thoroughly clean their rooms on Friday and they get vacuumed. As for the kitchen and living room I have yet to figure out and implement a plan to keep up on them. My kitchen seems like the catch-all for papers and other things in our home and it's tiny so having clutter take up the little space there isn't working. 

Goal for this month: Figure out a plan to keep up on main living area! 

2. Bible Reading: I'm doing well with this still. I'm using You Version's Bible reading plans and keeping up on it! I'm finding Fridays are the days I tend to slack and then have to play catch up.

 I'm also doing a challenge called "Hello Morning." The goal of the challenge is to get up before the rest of my family and spend time with the Lord reading and in prayer.There is a Bible study that goes along with it.I'm finding it humbling on many occasions as God points out things in my life that aren't the way they should be. I'm really enjoying this and it's helping me stay on track with my reading. 

Goal: Continue reading with my Bible plan and Hello Morning Challenge and stop skipping Friday readings. 

3. Home school: Our next school year is planned! YAY! I bought the materials for my son to start Kindergarten in June. Well, as soon as he saw the things he wanted to do school. SO we have already started! He asks for school first thing each day when he wakes up. Sometimes even before breakfast! His enthusiasm is wearing off on my oldest who often complains or drags her feet when it comes to school and she is more willing to get things going when she sees his excitement! 

Goals: The only thing I need to do in preparation for 4th grade with my oldest is to print things from Easy Peasy All in One's home school page since we'll be using several things from this site this year including math, reading and history. 

There's a look at my month and how things are going. I'm determined to continue in my diligence with the Lord's help and work toward my goals for 2013.  If You are taking part in the "One Word" challenge 2013 stop by Only a Breath and share how your goals are coming along! 
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