Saturday, April 12, 2014

J is for Junk: Ways to Turn Trash into Treasures

My family knows I'm big on recycling and my husband and I have both gotten after our parents for not doing it. I hate throwing things away if I don't have to and use cloth diapers partially for that reason. Honestly it's taken me a while to come up with some inspiration for my J post but I love the idea of using things you already have around your house sort of like the egg carton crafts. j is for JUNK!

1. Cut the bottom off of a gallon milk jug or 2 liter pop bottle and use it to plant seeds. Then save the top to use as a funnel! 

2. Cover tin cans in paper and decorate to make a fun, personalized pencil holder 
Picture from Plaid

3. I think we all know the fun we can have with paper tubes! You can get a variety of sizes and let the kids create by covering in paper, coloring and even making a castle!
Castle Craft From Recycled Tubes
Picture from Creative Jewish Mom

4. CD's can be used to make fish and a variety of other animals or creations that you can think of. Definitely don't use your good ones but the ones that don't work anymore are up for grabs to be creative with!

Picture from A Day in the Life of a Preachmans wife

5, Boxes! My kiddos LOVE making things from boxes! One day we got several boxes in one day. They had a blast lining them up into a train, crawling through them as a tunnel and decorating with markers and crayons. Kids love boxes and they are usually easy to find around your house.
Spencer's 4th Birthday Party: Drive-in Theater to watch Disney-Pixar's "Cars" (original, not Cars 2)
Picture from Parents

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  1. Love it! Great ways to re-use these items. Gramsy would be proud! XO


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