Monday, July 9, 2012

New School Year!

And LOTS of changes! I've finally got a computer and internet again. WOOHOO! So We have finished one week of school. Decided to go with a year round schedule (one change there). After having june off I felt we were ready for some order and kids around here aren't out til after lunch anyway. SO we decided to go ahead and start July 2nd with a 3 week on 1 week off schedule.

3rd Grade: The Artist (8yo dd)
MFW Adventures for Bible, History, Science, Music, Art
Math is BJU Math 3
LA: Primary Language Lessons
Spelling: Spelling Power
Latin: Prima Latina
Handwriting: Will be practiced through a variety of ways including a Scholastic Cursive practive book.
Reading: Lots of books! Anything I can get her to read for now until she gets more confident. Then we'll start on the list I have.

Preschool: The Cowboy(4yo ds) and the Princess 2.5 yo dd)
I put my own schedule together with a theme and letter for each week. We'll get books from our home library and the public one plus lots of arts and crafts!
Since we have our internet back we'll use too.
Rod and Staff About Three workbook series (Mr. Cowboy will fly through these but he likes them.)

First Day Events

We learned about the Pledge of Alegiance and for our "book basket" she read a book about the flag.

We made a patriotic snack to celebrate our country. Rice Krispy Treats are MUCH easier to buy! LOL BUT all 3 had fun and we had quite the mess of a kitchen making our red white and blue rice krispies. Perfect time to start our year of US history when celebrating our country's Independence Day/

The Cowboy and Princess decorated pages with the letter of their first name on them. Miss princess only colored the one corne while the other had the whole thing colored in quickly. They worked on those and some of their Rod and Staff workbooks while I finished up our first day with the artist.

We had a WONDERFUL first day and week. Completely loving the My Father's World curriculum. Such a change from our previous workbook style but miss artist and I are really glad we made the change. Even the two little ones join us to listen to what we are learning. Here's to a great start to a new year!

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  1. Love your blog so far! I think this is a great way that you get to document what you are doing and it will always be here so you will be able to look back one day! Its like the new-school version of a scrap book/journal/photo album! The kids look adorable and looks like they are learning lots! xo


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