Saturday, November 10, 2012

School update 11/10

As promised here is a recap of our schooling the past few weeks.

Memory verse;
Jesus answered I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father  except through me. John 14:6


Threw last few weeks we have stated to go over the fifty states for each state we have a page with their bird, flower and lots of fun facts on the back.


To go along with the state birds  we have been learning about birds for science. All three kiddos had fun making their own binoculars and looking for birds outside. We made a pop bottle bird feeder and saw some feathered friends at it for the first time yesterday! Wasn't able to catch a pix of him there but here is our feeder.

One day I got the play dough out for miss princes. Ask of us started making nests and birds to go with them. It was a fun little impromptu sculpting class to go with our birds study.


In math we had a visiter on telling time. We expanded from last year where the artist learned to tell time to five minutes. This time doing we eschewed that and then learned to tell time to the minute. At the end of this week we got into measurement with pounds and ounces.


My little artist was struggling with sounding words out still so while at the library a few weeks ago I found joked on phonics for second grade. We flew through the first half of the green book at her request. Then slowed a bit after a few days. We gave finished the green book and one of the chapter books. This  program is helping a lot!

For english we are working through primary language lesions. Recently the book has switched to more writing exercises along with the other parts of the lesion. This book looks very simple but there's actually quite a bit  more to itryan meets the eye!

Music  and Art

For music we  have enjoyed songs from the nutcracker. I really want to take the children to set the ballet later this month! 


  1. My kids love making the feeder with the pinecones and peanutbutter and my youngest said she wants to buy your pink bird! Great job

    1. Lol thanks! The pink one was my 8yo. they had a lot of fun with that. We learned to fill the feeder outside next time. I had seed all over my kitchen!

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