Monday, May 6, 2013

Homeschool Update

Never got the chance to update last week so here's how the past two weeks have gone for us.



These two weeks we focused on Jesus being known as The Word.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. John 1:1

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We've been learning about famous inventors like Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. It always amazes me that every one of these men were told they were crazy for trying. They worked at it and now our world is so much different than it would have been had they given up!

We've continued through the states and only have 2 left! Chelsea is quite excited for Hawaii on Tuesday (shh I have something fun in the works!)

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Science studies have gone along with the inventors, learning about air from our Science in the Kitchen book. We also learned about several more birds from Birds, Nests and Eggs.


We finished our chapter on long division! Chelsea did great with it. She has a hard time remembering the subtraction part on them but with practice she'll have it down!

We also started a chapter on decimal points and learned how to change fractions like 3/10 into decimal form. This is the last chapter of our 3rd grade math!


Chelsea started Ramona the Brave and is enjoying it! We are doing half a chapter a day most days. I told her we could get some more Ramona books from the library.


Chelsea hasn't gotten it out in a while but she did this week and worked on some drawing activities.
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Last week we finished our nest unit.We practiced sequencing with bird pictures. Hunter was so proud of his book that he went and read it to his sister.
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Hunter also did his drawing page for N words He drew his sister Natalie and our friend Nicole.Too cute! 

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For the Bible part we learned that God takes care of us and keeps us safe just like the birds use their nest as a way to protect themselves and their babies.


This unit we started the hard work of blending sounds together for words! We had to take a break after a few minutes and come back to the last part. It takes a lot of focus to figure out how to blend the sounds and little man has lots of energy. The Bible theme is perfect for this task!
"I don't quit, I persevere" 

We made a turtle badge on Friday and as I took Hunter's picture he says "I like school mommy!" I love hearing that!

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One of his favorite things this week was the math page called "turtle race" He got quite excited for this one! Hunter surprised me with how well he did on figuring out the first, third, fifth turtle.

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blend ladder

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Natalie being a turtle
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