Saturday, September 21, 2013

Diligence Update

Well, seeing that I haven't updated in several months, it's clear that I've gotten off track from my "Diligence" goals for this year! I did want to finally update though. Each month in the middle of the month I'd think about doing this then forget and remember at the end of the month and thing "oh I'll just remember to do it in a few weeks." Only problem was I never did!

Bible Reading
Still working on this! I'm getting back into reading daily although I'm quite behind on my read the Bible in 1 year goal. It will take me more than a year but I WILL get there!

We have started up the new school year. We ended up taking the summer off as I've mentioned in other posts due to the craziness this summer brought for us. School is going pretty well though and the kids are enjoying it!

Hunter is working on reading and we've started our country studies with My Father's World for Chelsea. Natalie is still mostly tagging along although she does have her own workbook she can do as she pleases.

I am finding it hard with extra kids in the house some days. I need to get more consistent with Hunter's school work. We did start in February so we have plenty of wiggle room but I know consistency will help him learn more.

My House
With our move my houe got BIGGER! Such a blessing but it also means more work. I also have a basement for my laundry so it's not confined to one basket in the tiny laundry room anymore. Overall things are going pretty well! We have gotten out of the habit of the kids having morning chores and need to get back into that. I also need to find a way to keep up on their rooms. Chelsea tries to keep up on the girls room but we have friends staying with us and 3 little girls up there playing while we do school makes for quite the mess.So that's my goal for this month, find a way to keep up better on the kid's rooms

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  1. Blessings to you, Jackie, as you travel the rest of the year! SOunds like a lot of exciting new changes - best wishes with your goals! Visiting from one word link up :)


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