Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I really want to change....So Help Me God

About a year and a half ago my best friend and I started doing a weekly Bible study group with our pastor's wife. We were going through the book "I Really Want to Change...So Help Me God.

This book really made you think about the little things in our lives that God wants us to work on. James MacDonald has a list of characteristics, actions, thoughts etc that many Christians struggle with. We then had the not so easy task of self-evaluation. Looking at each item on the list and ranking yourself as to how much you struggle with that issue.

After that part was done you went through the rest of the book which really helped me figure out why I struggle with certain things. My friend and I really could notice some weeks when we were working on things that Satan really knew it and would try to get us to stumble and struggle even more. We made it through and made some good changes with help from our Heavenly Father!

If you've never read this book I highly recommend it! Go through it with a close friend whom you don't mind sharing your deepest struggles in your walk with Jesus and who will hold you accountable. You'll be amazed at the things you'll see happening in your life if you do!

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