Sunday, October 27, 2013

How Can Those Who Have Not Heard Believe?

I taught children's church this morning and since we had a guest speaking about his upcoming missions work I decided to go over a few verses with the children about missionary work. The words from Romans 10 really stuck out in my mind. 

These words are stuck in my mind today which is why I decided to share them with you. 

These verses don't just pertain to those interested in being missionaries though. They are important for US too! How many in your extended family don't know Jesus? how many coworkers, neighbors, friends? For me personally I have many many people in my life whom i could share my Lord and savior with! 

His words also remind me of something that Billy Graham is encouraging Christians to do with My Hope America. They are televising, hosting a web cast and making DVDs of a program to help us as Christians share the gospel with our friends and family.

"Culminating in November 2013, My Hope America is a series of videos designed to clearly present the Gospel with life-changing testimonies & powerful messages from Billy Graham. Share these programs with friends, family, and neighbors today." (from the My Hope America website) 

My encouragement or more so my challenge to you today is to share Jesus with those around you whether in your own way or by using My Hope America to help! We don't have to be in the remotest ends of the Earth to find those who are lost, they are all around us! 

What have you done to share your faith with those around you? 

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