Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Look at Our Week

Well, we took this week off from school. Since we school year round we have that luxury to take a week off every so often. The kids were ready for a break and so was I. Plus we had things going on several days, friends visiting, babysitting my cousin's toddler and the kids got hit with colds.  We still got plenty of learning in though! Who says you have to have a school day to learn? 

On Sunday my husband and I led children's church. It was a lot of fun and I finally learned the song my girls kept asking for at Bible time at night! We talked about missionaries and read some Bible verses that went along with the topic.\

Allison ready for church last Sunday
Tuesday was leaf raking day! We ALL learned how much work a yard full of leaves is and how much fun they can be to play in. This is the first year we've had this many leaves. We got the yard cleared Tuesday and it's already being covered again.
One of the MANY leaf piles we had!

The kids also learned a little bit about toddlers on Tuesday when I did some babysitting. I told them get ready for it! Miss Allison will be a toddler next summer! They did great though playing, helping and keeping an eye on their new little friend.

On Thursday we got into a conversation about how the Earth turns and the sun setting and such. 

Friday morning we painted pumpkins! I helped miss Allie do a little and the kids had fun! 

After our painting fun we had a bunch of errands to run. We stopped in at the local natural foods store, consignment shop and a few other places. At the natural food stores we met a lady who showed us how to get our own fresh herbs and spices. She also talked a little about chia seeds since I've recently been trying some recipes that call for them.We were quite surprised when we went to check out to be told that a previous customer had left $20 to go toward our purchase. God is good and His blessings always amaze me. 

We had a great, fun, busy, educational week off! Back to the books on Monday! We'll be learning about the letter E, elephants, Brazil and rain forests! Have a blessed weekend! 

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