Friday, November 8, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide

It's hard to believe it's November already! I know many people try to get their Christmas shopping done early. If you're looking for some great ideas I'm here to help!

For Her

Women can be picky but also lots of fun to shop for! Here's a few ideas for the ladies you are shopping for. 

1. If you've seen Miss America you've probably seen one of their biggest sponsors, Artistry! Artistry is one of the top 5 cosmetic companies out there. And it's not your run of the mill, Wal-Mart type product. It's the good stuff you find in department stores but delivered right to your door instead. 

Artistry offers skin care and cosmetics for any of the women on your list! One of my favorite products is Light up Lip gloss. 

2. You've been hearing this from me all week but here's some great ideas for gifting some of the books from the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

  •  Have the cook books printed and bound at your local office supply store to give as a gift.
  • Send one or more in an e-mail to a friend or family member whom you can't be with this Christmas season.
  •  Layer dry ingredients for some of the recipes in a glass jar, add a decorative top and voila! You have an inexpensive gift.
  • Print and bind the healthy kids and babies books for your mom friends or family members.
  • When you buy yours you can add up to two more bundles at half price which makes them the perfect gift because not only are you giving over 80 books but also all the freebies and the conferences.

3. Jewelry, clothes and perfume, OH MY! My family seems to go in themes. One year I got several purses and last year it was perfume. These are the things that women always love and can use more of!

4. Lilla Rose hair accessories! My friend Kristen at Smithspirations sells these and my girls and I absolutely love them! They are so pretty and actually stay in. Plus they are very affordable which is great if you don't have much to spend.  

For Him

Guys can be tricky to shop for Here's a few ideas for the man in your life.

1. Sports team memorabilia. This can be found online or in many stores. Shirts, slippers, socks, mugs, hats. The list is endless! 

2. Electronics like video games, TV's, phone accessories. Whatever they are into there's something for them! 

3. If your husband, dad or guy friends are like the ones I know they love energy drinks! The ones in the stores though aren't very good for you. XS is my husbands favorite because there's such a variety of flavors including cola and root beer that really do taste like their soda partners. Best part is that they have lots of vitamins and even offer caffeine free options. 

For Anyone On Your List

1. Give a gift that keeps giving! World Vision offers gift cards for things like school supplies, clothes, food and animals to help families in desperate situations. What I love about this is that you can get a goat or chickens for a family and that gift will help that family for years to come! Donate in a friend or family members name for a special gift. Here's a little video about how it works. 

2. Home made ornaments! I love making these with my kiddos each year to give to family. There are so many ideas online and they can be done on a very tight budget.

3. Some people on my list are just impossible. My mom can be quite picky and my dad pretty much buys anything he wants so I never know what to get either of them! I love Ribbon Albums because I can give them and my mom or dad can choose what they want from the variety of gifts in the catalog with free shipping. There's even a card for kids if you have nieces, nephews or grand kids who are hard to shop for. 

I hope this has been of some help to you. Shopping should be fun, not stressful and the sooner you get started the better. To help you get started early Enter to WIN a FREE Variety Ribbon gift catalog valued at $30 below! 

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