Saturday, December 7, 2013

Homeschool Update

Hi there! I hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great school week to follow! This week we finished up units for fourth grade and kindergarten. I don't have as many pics as i usually like but my phone went to work with my hubby several days this week.

Exploring Countries and Cultures

In our fourth grade news we finished reading and learning about Norway! We haven't made the recipes yet but plan to today.

We are still using Easy Peasy for reading and math. We started reading Aesop's Fables this week, and practiced alphabetizing. In math Chelsea worked on larger multiplication problems for math.

Paper Snowflake we made from an online tutorial.
 photo 01cb9ad967e8f1e56b379fad14f3f77ea23a771e5f_zps57226519.jpg

Chelsea watching her multiplication video with her 2 little sisters joining

 photo 0141b50114024a875ebdf4931cba706d60561d7b6a_zps53c688c7.jpg


We finished up our kangaroo unit and celebrated our 100th day of kindergarten! Hunter was quite excited to get a pack of 100 Angry Birds stickers! We used the globe to talk about where kangaroos live and tried acting like kangaroos to see how far we could hop. 

hunter working on his sound discrimination page. 
 photo 019a3037fc6c21140a5503d4e79fd7209402c00d93_zps9540deff.jpg

Piano Lessons continue. I snagged a pic this week. 

 photo 0189530bf20e3111ffd0adf819296e14241c2559ac_zps15de4458.jpg 

Baby Days

 photo 014ce275a5f82749022b3a38e5609207191251ca60_zps72571d37.jpg

Allie LOVES being worn!
 photo 015a756974259dc69f7ca6d75df5d59a117ff6c0c9_zps0b8fbaae.jpg

Other Fun Events 

We got the tree up on Friday night!
Only to have a kitten climb it today. I took him out of the tree, told him "NO!" and let him go just in time to see the tree fall! We are waiting for some help getting the base fixed or replaced and then we can have fun re-decorating.
 photo 019040d3cce3866728dfbd8047dfdff3685d98f0e3_zps65cff534.jpg

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