Monday, December 2, 2013

Natural Birth Stories Review & Giveaway!

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 I have mentioned this book in a previous post about my own natural birth experience but I wanted to share more with you this week.

"Natural Birth Stories" by Shannon Brown of Growing Slower is a compilation of birth stories from a variety of mothers with a wide variety of experiences. Some birthed naturally at home, birth center or hospital.

One of the things that drew me to this book is that the goal is to make new moms feel empowered and capable of having a natural birth. When I had my first I was afraid of the pain of labor, epidurals were pushed as being the "norm' in my birthing classes and when things got rough I caved.

Our bodies were made for this though! "Natural Birth Stories" points out that there is a very small number of women who actually have natural births in the United States.

"This leaves less than two percent of all women in the United States that give birth naturally. "

I absolutely loved reading the stories of all of the contributing mothers! It felt good to read stories of mothers who made it through long labors with the support of their husband and midwife as well as those who are more like me and tend to have very fast labors. I also liked that the stories weren't just home or birth center births. Some were hospital births which I find encouraging too because there are areas where a birth center is not near enough or you aren't up to the idea of a home birth.

Another great aspect of this book is that Shannon Brown also includes information on childbirth classes, finding a midwife, what contractions really feel like and making a birth plan.

"Natural Birth Stories" would make a wonderful Christmas gift for  new mom in your life whether this is her first or tenth or somewhere in between. You can have it printed and bound to give as a gift or read it yourself! "Natural Birth Stories" is empowering women to take control of  their birth experience and realize we can have a wonderful birth experience without the medical intervention when it's not truly necessary.

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  1. I have not given birth, yet, but I'm looking forward to having a natural birth when I do and I need all the advice I can get!

    1. My best piece of advice is go in with the mindset that you CAN do it! If you doubt yourself you'll give in when it gets rough. Best wishes for a wonderful natural birth!

  2. I've given birth 3 times... so far. Next one is due in June! =) The first I had pitocin and an epidural. After being in labor for a few days, I was worn out. First babies can be the most difficult to deliver, since your body hasn't done this before! Everything went well, so I can't complain. The second I had an epidural at 8cm. I probably could have had him without it, but was afraid of the pain. After he was born, we found out he was almost 10lbs! Kinda glad I got that epidural. ;-) The third I didn't have time for an epidural if I wanted one! She came very quickly and naturally. Thankfully, one of the nurses had given birth naturally 3 times and kept telling me I could do it. She could tell when I was not working with the pain, but trying to "stop" the pain (it's a mental thing), and would tell me to just let go. I definitely want to go natural again. The way you feel after the birth is amazing. No words can describe it. Of course, you're thrilled no matter how you give birth, but there is something special with natural.
    Advice? Well, I don't really feel qualified, but I would say this: Don't be impatient (how I was with my first); don't be afraid (as I was with my second); don't fight the pain but work with it (like with my third). The best advice I can give though is this: Push like you're having a bm. Seriously. I did this with all three births and they were out in a 3, 2, and 1 pushes, respectively. Yes, it got messy. Don't worry about that! The doctors have seen it all. ;-) And, try to relax your muscles as best you can; helps you to not tear. Remember, you *can* do this. =) I had wanted a natural birth since the first, but sometimes things just don't work the way you want them to. So, don't be too hard on yourself if things turn out differently. God has a plan! =)

    1. Great advice! and yes doctors have seen it all lol Thanks for sharing your advice?


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