Sunday, December 29, 2013

School Update: France. zebras and rocks

It's a little late getting posted but the two weeks of December that we had school we had a lot of fun!

4th Grade

We learned about France! We read about Paris, the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame and other places in Paris. Learned about an area of France that has lots of castles and made a few French foods including hot chocolate and French bread. We found a great paper city of Paris that Chelsea just loved! It's found at Made By Joel and that site also had a paper nativity, city of Sydney (for when we get to Australia) and lots of other fun crafts and projects for kids.
Lego Eiffel Tower & flag of France

 paper city of Paris

 French bread from this recipe only twisted

working on vocabular flashcards. We had a few to catch up on


We learned about zebras and that they live with other animals in Africa. I found animal masks online and they each made a zebra mask. A new addition to our school for the zebra week was a sensory bin. This included rice for the base, lots of animals, plants, containers and spoons. The kids had a lot of fun making a zoo with it. Here's some pics from out week.We just did the basics for our rock week along with a lot of impromptu learning adventures the week before Christmas.  One day was a "shopping day" with the toy cash register and play money. Another was a game with number cards and the three worked together to put the numbers in order from 1-50.

 Hunter with his zebra mask

Animals of Africa poster
Natalie playing sound box game
zebra pudding

alphabet puzzle

animal graphing with a printable animal dice. We had a LOT more monkeys!
Hunter reading one of out Bob Books
letter cards


zoo sensory bin

Baby Days

Look who's almost crawling! 

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