Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Ice: 5 Artsy Science Projects

I know we are all excited to be past winter so you may not be too excited about the idea of ice. BUT many of these are fun ideas for summer months because they can be messy and would be great for outside time. Today I've collected five ice themed activities. Most of them can be considered both art and science in one! 

1. Oil and Ice from Growing a Jeweled Rose looks like a fun outside project! Freeze water with food coloring in ice cube trays. Pop them out and then float in oil. As the ice melts you get colorful water bubbles in the oil!
water and oil

2.To learn about icebergs you can freeze water in several different baggies. They will each have a different shape just like real icebergs. My kids had fun floating them in the sink full of water. This gives them a better understanding of real icebergs/ 

3. This could be both art and science in one. Freeze several containers full of colored water. Place them in a large container or bucket for kids to explore with. They can build with them to make ice sculptures but maybe even more fun for preschoolers is that as the ice melts you'll have different colors of water. Kids can explore color mixing as they are creating their sculptures
colored ice set up
Picture credit

4. If you don't want to use real ice you can grab a box of sugar cubes from the store. These look like blocks of ice and can be used to create miniature igloos! My kids took a winter themed art class in January and 
made them out of marshmallows (and glitter) which looks really neat too. 
Chelsea with her marshmallow igloo (such a lovely face she gave me. 

5. Ice and salt experiment with watercolor paints. Paint your ice and add salt. Click here to see what happens! 

Salt Ice Sculptures for Kids
Picture from The Artful Parent

To finish up your fun take some pictures before it melts and read a few books about ice. What are your favorite ice themed books? 

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