Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Looms: 3 Craft Looms Your Kids Will Love

Today I want to share three great craft looms with you. These are great for teaching a variety of skills which I have listed with each of the looms. All of them are great for fostering creativity in your children and they are inexpensive which makes mom happy too.

1.Creativity For Kids Quick Knit Loom
I've never used one of these but they look like a lot of fun especially for kids like mine who don't have the patience for spending a few minutes each day to complete a knitting project and want to see results a bit faster. Loom Knitting Primer: A Beginner's Guide to Knitting on a Loom, with over 30 Fun Projects would be a great resource to grab for more ideas once you get the hang of knitting on the loom! 

Teaches: Reading and following directions, problem solving

 2.Rainbow Loom
This is a fairly new one but I'm quickly realizing they are quite popular. I've even made a few and they are quite fun! You basically use small rubber bands to make all kinds of designs and patterns for bracelets. You can find a wealth of information online or grab Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry for new designs as well.

Teaches: Fine motor skills, colors, patterning, reading diagrams 

3.Potholder Loom Set
You may remember these from your childhood. They're still around and still quick and fun too. Not only potholders but bean bags, purses, and whatever other woven craft ideas your kiddos come up with can be made with these. We got several fun ideas from Potholders and Other Loopy Projects.

Teaches: Colors, Patterning, Weaving, Fine Motor Skills

Do your kids use any of these craft looms? Which ones are their favorites? 

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  1. Love these loom activities - bring back great memories of making potholders as a kid. I'll pass your blog on to my great grand nephew's daycare! Very cool!

    Sue Kuentz


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