Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for (pool) Noodles

We had a pool as a kid for many years and t was a blast every summer! One favorite for kids are pool noodles. Until a few years ago I'd only thought of them for that purpose. I've since realized though that people are coming up with all kinds of fun crafts for them! I found a few that look like fun and have them to share with you today. These are a great way to get crafty or get your kids outside and enjoying the beautiful weather in the warmer months. You can even let your kids see what they come up with! 

1. Horses
My kids went to a western themed VBS last summer and came home with these fun horses made from noodles! FYI hot glue will melt the noodle so glue dots or tacky glue are best.
Bend down a section of the noodle to make the muzzle of the horse. Glue in place and tie a string around to make the bridle and reins.
Cut felt for the mane and ears and glue in place
Use giant googly eyes and glue in place. 

Cut the noodle in half but not completely & opens flat.
Add a starting and finish line and let the kids have hours of fun racing their cars! You'll want something to prop it up against for support and a slope to get the cars moving. This sounds like a lot of fun! 
Use lawn stakes to place noodles cut in half around your yard and let the kids kick a ball through each one! 

4. Creatures and Robots
Cut noodles into several rings and let the kids glue them together to make whatever their heart desires. Use googly eyes and any other craft supplies you have around to finish them up. 

5. Flowers or other decorations
String them together to make a garland, cut flower shapes out of them to make a bouquet that will never wilt, and even wreaths. 

6. Ultimate Backyard Sprinkler Park! 
Make your own water park in your back yard with pipes, hoses and of course, noodles! Check out Event Horizons for full instructions. 
What can you use your noodle for? 

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