Wednesday, April 23, 2014

O is for Oven + Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Finally getting back on track with my ABC's of homeschooling creatively. Today I want to share with you some tips about using your oven or cooking in general with your schooling.

1. Fun!
Kids love helping in the kitchen! Anytime I'm in there at least one of my children asks what I'm making and if they can help. We have many memories of flipping pancakes, baking cookies and lots of other yummy stuff together.

2. Educational
While you're cooking your kids can learn a lot of skills and practice ones they already know. For example you can practice adding fractions with measuring cups or dividing up chocolate chips between muffins or whatever you may think of at the moment.

 Science is taught because kids learn how foods interact and what they do when cooked. The other day my son and I made pancakes. He announced that they were flat and as soon as he did I realized I'd forgotten the baking powder so I told him that we needed to add that to fix the problem.

Children are also learning many practical life skills that they will use in the years to come. I tell them that they'll know how to cook for their family someday or even just for themselves when they are living on their own. Why not start them out now so they'll have those skills when they arrive at adulthood?

Uses With Homeschooling
1. Themes
Whatever theme you are learning about there are ways to incorporate cooking. We've made vegetable soup when learning about vegetables, apple pie for apples and cultural foods for each country we've studied this year.

2. Shaped Pancakes or Cookies
If you've learned about a certain letter you can make cookies, pancakes, jell-o or others fun foods to make that letter. We've used Jell-o for letter S and cookies for letter L and pancakes for our H. I'm not sure what it is but kids just get a big kick out of eating a letter S!

Warning: Your kitchen WILL be messier than when you do it yourself! BUT the trade off is well worth it for the memories you'll make with your kiddos!

What do you and your kids cook up in the kitchen? If you need some more ideas check out the news I have to share with you. 

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