Thursday, April 24, 2014

P is for Pennies: Being Creative on a Budget +

Many of us as homeschoolers live on a tight budget. It's a sacrifice we make for spending our days with our children. Well worth the trade off too, I might add! Today I have some tips for saving money on craft supplies and in other areas of your homeschool as well.

1. First I'd like to share a book with you called "Advanced Penny Pinching" by Tabitha Philen. This book is a guide to saving on your grocery bill which will, in turn free up money in other areas. In this book you'll find tips on stockpiling, storing your stockpile, saving without couponing and menu planning. You can get "Advanced Penny Pinching" as part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! For under $30 you can have this book and over 70 others plus the 10 bonus items.

Click here to buy it now.

2. Dollar Tree
Dollar tree has a LOT of great craft supplies! Pool noodles, crayons, markers, craft foam, glue and even finger paint. You can also get less conventional craft items there like pebbles, fake flowers or whatever it is you may need. Careful though. It's easy to keep saying "It's only a dollar!" But all of those $1 items can add up.

3. Stock up
Like I mentioned from the Advanced Penny Pinching book that teaches stockpiling, back to school sales are a great way to accomplish this. You can get boxes of crayons for low prices as well as paper, glue and scissors. I love getting several boxes of pencils and crayons every summer for very low prices!

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4. Improvise
You don't have to make a special trip to the store to come up with some fun craft ideas! Look through your craft stuff and think about how it can be used. Ribbon or yarn can be used to make letters, hang pictures or make a fun border. Rummage through, find something interesting and get creative!

5. Freebes
If a friend is getting rid of some things you think you may use for crafts go ahead and ask to have them. Save scraps of fabric from sewing projects for use later. Print fun pages online for masks or oother projects.

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