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R is for Rainbow: 10 Crafts to

Kids love rainbows and even though it's not too often that we spot them in nature we see them often in stories and crafts. A faborite story for my children has been "What Makes a Rainbow?" Someone gave this as a gift several years ago and has been a hit with all of my children. I think that's because as you read it you make a ribbon rainbow and then the BIG popup rainbow at the end of the story. Grab your favorite rainbow book, read it with your children and then pick a craft or two from here to go along with it. Have fun!

1. Draw or paint rainbows
Give your kiddos some crayons, markers or other coloring items along with paper and let them create their own rainbow. 

2. Bracelets
If you have a rainbow loon you can make a rainbow bracelet with it. You could also let children string beads onto yarn to make their own bracelet if they are younger. 

3. .Rainbow Scratch Art
This is a simple one you can either make yourself or buy a kit from Melissa & Doug. To make your own have the kids color a piece of paper with a variety of colors of crayon. Paint over with black paint. When it dries let them use a stick to scratch off areas to make a picture! If you buy the kit the prep work is done for you.but sometimes the prep is a lot of fun! 
4. Paint a Mural
If you have rolls of white paper, get a big piece and tape it down so that it doesn't roll back up. Pull out the paints and let your kids make a BIG rainbow painting. This may be a fun outside one with all the paint flying around! 

Glue froot loops to paper to make a rainbow and add cotton balls for clouds. Rainbow Craft for Kids
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Cut shapes from each color of craft foam. If it's already sticky kids can just stick it down or use glue if needed. 

7. Finger Print Rainbow
Finger paint or regular tempera paint can be used to dip fingers into and then press onto paper. You may want to draw lines to follow or you can let them go on their own. 
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8. Do a Dot
Kids always have fun with these (I thnk I need to get me some!) They make perfect circles and can be used for lots of things. Get the Do A Dot Art Marker set out and let the kddos make a rainbow with them. 

9. Sponge Painting
We have a set for this but you could easily do it yourself. Use a paint brush with a sponge on it and pour a small amount of several colors into a tray. Use the sponge to pick up as many colors as will fit on it and then make your rainbow! 

10. Sun Catchers
Press and seal wrap would be great for this! Place pieces of tissue paper inside two sheets of press and seal wrap in a rainbow pattern. Hang in your window for a beautiful rainbow decoration. 

What rainbow fun have you shared with your kids? 
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