Thursday, May 29, 2014

X is for Xylophone: Using Music in Your Homeschool

I love music and I've shared many of my favorite worship songs last fall with my 31 days of encouragement. Music can change your mood and attitude quite quickly and it does the same for children. Teachers have used music to help children remember facts and learn new things as well as for fun. When my oldest was in kindergarten at public school she came home singing how to spell color words. 

An article from Johns Hopkins (source) gives the following list of reasons why music is beneficial as a teaching tool. 

"Music helps us learn because it will--
  • establish a positive learning state
  • create a desired atmosphere
  • build a sense of anticipation
  • energize learning activities
  • change brain wave states
  • focus concentration
  • increase attention
  • improve memory
  • facilitate a multisensory learning experience
  • release tension
  • enhance imagination
  • align groups
  • develop rapport
  • provide inspiration and motivation
  • add an element of fun
  • accentuate theme-oriented units"

Now that we know the "Why" lets look at the "how" to implement music in your homeschool. 

1. Memorization
This can be math facts, Bible verses, geography site words or any others that your kids would benefit from memorizing. You can buy CD's like the one pictured below for addition and subtraction facts or hop online and do a quick search for videos online.

2. Set the Mood
Like I mentioned above, music has a way of changing my mood and it does the same for our children. If you put on calm classical music it has a calming effect. If you put on something more upbeat and fun they're likely to be dancing around the room in no time flat! 

3.Make it Multisensory
When kids are up dancing around, singing along to the songs or playing musical instruments you have multiple senses being engaged. You can make your own instruments or buy sets that are made just for kiddos. OR do like mine and their friends did last week and raid the kitchen cupboard for pots, spoons, lids and anything else they can find to make music. 

How do you use music in your homeschool?

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  1. Music is a great way to learn, and a great way to brighten the day! I used to sing quite a bit with my kids when they were young homeschoolers, and now we sing worship songs around the house.
    Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for the blitz today!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love hearing my little ones sing worship songs with me!


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