Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Outreach Challenge

My husband got a few albums he's been wanting for Christmas off of iTunes. Both by a group called Southern Raised. We were listening to these this weekend and one really stuck out to me. Southern Raised "A Soul Going Somewhere."
As I listened I thought about so many people that I know who aren't saved and those whom I've been called to encourage in their spiritual lives.
"A soul going somewhere don't you see them passing by?
A soul going somewhere on this road that we call life.
Tell them of a better way there's more to life than what they say."
So often we are afraid to talk to friends, family, acquaintances or even strangers about God and what He's done for us. Instead of thinking about what they'll think of us. Why don't we think of them this way?
At some point in our lives, someone saw us as a soul going somewhere. They weren't afraid to tell us of God's love and the danger of not accepting His amazing gift.
I have a challenge for you as we start this new year.
1. Pray: Ask that God will give you opportunities to share with those around you. Believe me, He may use you in ways you never imagined and you will often feel unqualified but as I've been reminded many times over the past few years God equips the called, not the other way around. He will give you the words to say!
2. Look for chances to arise and take them! Don't be afraid of what they'll think or say. More than likely they'll be thankful that you cared enough about them to put yourself out there and share a very important part of your life.
3. Pray some more! Chances are that once you've talked to someone once, it will come up again! It may be a while before it does but you've planted seeds and they will need watering eventually.
4. Don't give up! A few years ago when my husband was in a deep depression he had men from our church contacting, visiting and praying for him. He got annoyed at times but now is quite thankful that they were persistent in their efforts! I have a friend who I've been encouraging to go to church for quite a while now. She finally went yesterday and then thanked me for not giving up on her. That doesn't mean to continually pester someone but keep praying for them and encouraging them when chances arise!
That's my challenge to you! After all everyone around you is a "Soul Going Somewhere" and it's our job to share God's love with them and once they've accepted that to encourage our brothers and sisters!
I'd love to hear from you and how things are going with those you've reached out to! I'd also love to pray  for you. To share how you've been using this challenge and what's been happening hop on over to the 2015 Outreach Challenge group on Facebook. There you will find support, encouragement and ideas to get you started and keep things going. I can't wait to "see" you there!
Note: I'm not affiliated with Southern Raised nor was I asked to share their video/song. I just felt led to do so!

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  1. I love what you have shared and the encouragement to do what God has called us Christians to do. Keep up the good work! :)


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