Friday, August 10, 2012

Weeks 5-7

Haven't updated lateyl so here we got!


Weeks 4&5

we learned about the solar system! One fun activity was learning how BIG Betelguese (pronounced beetle juice) is in comparison to the sun. My little cowboy is holding a 1 inch circle of yellow paper to represent the size of the sun. My little artist is by the pine tree. The distancc between the 2 is the diameter of betelguese!

They were also fascinated by the fact that they wouldn't be able to move because the gravity there is SO strong!

Weeks 6&7

Week 6 we learned about yeast! We tried putting yeast, sugar and water into a glass bottle and then a baloon on top. After a few minutes the balloon was filled with the gas from the yeast mixture. This took 2 attempts. Our first try had the balloon fly off! On thursday we tried again with salt instead of sugar to see if it would work but the yeast needed the sugar for food so it didn't make any gas this time.
Week seven was bread week! We made play dough on wednesday with flour, salt, water and cream of tartar.I've made play dough before without the cream of tartar and it came out so much nicer this time! Not a sticky mess like before.


Weeks 4 &5 we learned
John 8:12
"I am the light of the world, who belives in me will never walk in darkness and he who comes to me will have the light of life."
To go with this we decorated a candle and also made a sun to hang on the windows.

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