Friday, March 8, 2013

Exciting week!

Wow! This week has been great but full of surprises! I''m amazed at how God provides for our family even when I sit and worry about things.

First news is that our cat had kittens! We didn't even know she was pregnant! She had 2 babies late Sunday night. We didn't find them until my husband heard meowing in our bedroom closet. He went to look and found two kittens with mama Chloe! He woke me up since he wasn't sure what to do with them. Mama cat was amazing and has been great in taking care of them. The kids all are in love with these little kitties! 

Second is that on Monday night my phone rang. Minutes before I had sat worrying about the new vehicle we need for our growing family since our Taurus is already packed and all the baby stuff we still need. On the phone  was a staffing agency calling for my husband. They had a job opportunity! After over a year of praying and looking (and me worrying even though Philippians 4 tells me NOT to!) God has provided him with work! Orientation was Wednesday and he jumped in with both feet into ten hour shifts plus Saturdays. I'm amazed at how much God provides for us. Last year was rough for us financially and then I got pregnant later in the year (that news next ). 

Third and final piece of news for our family this week is that I had my ultrasound on Tuesday! I was 19 weeks and 6 days. The entire pregnancy I thought this baby was a boy. My morning sickness, tiredness and fruit cravings were almost identical to my pregnancy with my son. The tech took his measurements and kept going back to see if the little one had moved so we could find out what we were having. Legs were crossed for a while and when they weren't this baby just wasn't cooperating! 

Finally after much coercion by the tech he was able to find out and there it was plain as day on the screen. I was completely shocked that my prediction was WRONG! I'm having a third, beautiful baby girl! I don't know that i's completely set in still 3 days later. All this time I was sure it was a boy. My kids ALL wanted a brother. God chose this precious girl for us though and we explained that to them. 

The disappointment quickly faded into excitement as they realized they would have another sister and better yet that THEY had helped pick her name! We had a hard time finding a name we agreed on so we asked the kids. We had a unanimous decision for Allie! Wanting a fuller name for her my husband mentioned Alison right before the ultrasound. So our third baby girl will be Allison Nicole! We use family names for middle names and my best friend whom I met two years ago has become like a sister to me. We tossed around a few other names but hers is the one that stuck for the middle name. I can't wait to meet my little Allison Nicole in July! 

This has been an AMAZING week in our house! How has yours been? Link up and share with Fellowship Friday on Christian Mommy Blogger!


  1. What a load of good news!!! Congrats on your many blessings. The Lord chooses to bless us inspite of us..amazing isn't it?

    1. Thank you! He surely has blessed us in many ways. He always amazes me!


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