Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Homeschool Update 3/4-3/8

First week of school for this month has been finished! I'm getting used to teaching two children and it's going pretty well! We have some crazy moments where everyone is vying for my attention at the same time but overall it's not as bad as I'd thought! 

Adventures in My Father's World with Chelsea


For history this week we learned about Wisconsin and Iowa. We were all surprised to learn that Wisconsin is one of the biggest farming states in the country! At the end of the week we learned about why people started going to the children's favorite state for the California Gold Rush.


Our reading for science this week taught about atoms and molecules. We read from theFirst Encyclopedia of Science (Usborne First Encyclopedia) and checked out some of the fun things on their website to learn more about the millions of little atoms and molecules that make up everything around us! 


Plugging right along in our math book and on track to possibly finish a week earlier than planned! We finished our chapter on money and have begun working with polygons, counting their sides angles and vertexes. Later in the week Chelsea learned about the difference between regular and irregular polygons and how to recognize them.


Chelsea started a new book this week that actually fits perfectly with our history study of pioneers going west. The book is called Carolina's Courage It's about a little girl and her family as they move out west to Nebraska.Still working with Chelsea on sounding out longer words. She gets frustrated easily but made through the reading assignments this week. Reading comprehension is getting much better! Even she has learned to stop after a few pages for me to ask her some questions about it. These smaller chunks material really helps her instead of trying to read a whole chapter or several pages and then remember it all. Glad to be making progress! 

Kindergarten with Hunter

On Monday we finished our creation unit and started our first letter unit, Ss for Sun! 


Just as the sun gives us light Jesus explains that He is the light of the world. If we follow Him, He will show us how to live our lives the way God wants us to. 

John 8:12
Jesus said " I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life." 


This week we started filling in a 100 chart. Each day of school we will add another number to the chart. We also have a jar of straws. A new straw is added to the jar each day of school. 

We are working on calendar skills as well. Each day I fill in the number for the date. we talk about what day it is, yesterday and tomorrow. Hunter circles the date with a color crayon that I ask him to find,

The number one was practiced on the handwriting worksheet. Another page he did had him trace a cup for a circle and make it into a sun! He traced a penny and traced the 1 and cent sign. 


We talked about the letter S and the sound it makes. He practiced writing the letter S and cut out our picture cards that started with the s sound. We sang a song using our alphabet flash cards that used the letter sound and the object/animal on the card.  All of them enjoy the foam letter puzzle from Lauri! To end the week we played an alphabet matching game where they had to match the upper case and lower case letters.


Since this unit is on the sun that's what we learned about! We learned that the sun helps us to see where we are going during the day. We read Moonbear's Shadow (Moonbear Books) Hunter and Natalie absolutely love this book! We read it several times this week and they keep coming back to it. It teaches about shadows made by the sun and Moonbear tries to get rid of his shadow when it scares a fish away. At noon there's no shadow left and later in the day he finally catches the fish when Shadow isn't in the way anymore. We may have to get this one for a birthday present! 

On Friday we made a sun dial! We set it on the patio early in the morning and traced the shadow from the pencil in the middle of our dial. Later on Hunter was surprised to see that the shadow had moved and he traced that one as well as a few others throughout the day.


Everyone was very excited when mom got the paints out! It's been a long while since I've done that and they all had fun painting a sun!! 

It's been a FUN week! The more we use of My Father's World materials the more we love what this curriculum has to offer! I pray you've all had a blessed week as well! 


  1. You're so brave to let your kids paint without smocks or aprons on! :-) It sounds like you had such a fun week!!

    1. Lol they were in pjs and it was washable paint so I wasn't worried about it.


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