Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22 weekly review

I'm back with an update for our week! Last week we didn't get much done since I ended up sick and sleeping the majority of 3 days away. We did finish up our unit on the sun/Ss and plugged along with math for Chelsea. To finish our Ss unit we made jell-o letters and read Moonbear's Shadow (Moonbear Books)! Hunter drew a cute picture of moon bear and his shadow and I wrote down what he told me about the story.

Here's our updates for this week!



In history this week we learned about Oregon and Abraham Lincoln. We read about Lincoln's childhood from our history book and watched a video I got from the library called Meet the U.S Presidents, Abraham Lincoln. The whole family was interested in this movie, even my husband! They use a cartoon character of the president to tell his story and then many pictures of the president during different events in their life and presidency.


In our science lessons this week we continued learning about solids, liquids and gasses and how things can change "state". We filled a plastic bottle with water and left it in the freezer over night to see what happened. Everyone was surprised that the water had not only frozen but had pushed out the top of the bottle! 

Experiment number two was to see what things freeze and how quickly. We poured a small amount of several things including milk, kool-aid, mustard, oil, vinegar, syrup and several others into an ice cube tray. We froze it for 2 hours then checked on them. Some things were frozen solid like the kool-aid and vinegar. The mustard sort of separated but the oil was cold but not frozen. We learned from our 
Science in the Kitchen (Usborne Science Activities) book that oil has to be VERY cold in order to freeze!

Experiment #3 was to wrap one ice cube in a cloth and place it in a cup and one without a cloth and place it into another cup. Cover both with plastic wrap and see which melted fastest. I even learned something from this one! The ice cube alone melted pretty quickly. Another lesson learned from our book. It melted because the air got to it while the one wrapped up didn't have air getting to it.


Last week we finished up the chapter on polygons and solid figures. This week we've started our way through the chapter on metric measurements. She's picked up on things pretty quickly and has been great about doing her math pages with very little help which is a very nice change! 


For reading we're working our way through Carolina's Courage. We were supposed to finish this week but after our impromptu break last week we should be done by the middle of next week. I found a tip online for helping children learn to solve longer words. Take a pencil and draw lines between the syllables  This breaks things down enough for them to realize to look at the little parts instead of feeling stumped by a BIG long word! It only took me doing this a few times and now she's starting to try them on her own. Progress! YAY!

Chelsea has been reading more this week and we have a trial of Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress and she is loving it! There are ton of books to read in the "library" and comprehension questions with a reward for a job well done. I'm loving the fact that she is wanting to read more on her own now.

For our English lessons we have been working on letter writing using the prompts in our book 
Primary Language Lessons. She has the format down but we are still working on her ability to form her thoughts into complete sentences and then get them onto the paper. Thursday was a conversation about what she would do with a piece of land as far as where to place things like garden, fruit trees, flowers and what kinds of each. Chelsea then drew a picture of how her land would look.


We started unit 2 on the moon and letter Mm this week. It's been a lot of fun to learn facts about the moon and do some fun projects like our moon cake! We also learned in our Bible lessons that we are similar to the moon. The moon doesn't have it's own light but gets it from the sun. We don't have our own light either but Jesus DOES! If we have accepted Jesus His light shines through US and we can be the light of the world. 

Hunter mixing the flour and sugar

our three "craters" filled with oil, baking soda and vanilla


Hunter has worked hard this week on learning to write the letter Mm ! He picks up the letter sounds easily once introduced and quickly worked through the worksheets where he had to find the words that start with m and the page that had words for s and m. Handwriting is proving to be a bit tricky as he gets frustrated easily. One trick I figured out to help him with capital M is to remind him to make it pointy. Then the little m's are the fun ones with the curvy hills! 

On Thursday we played our letter concentration game. Afterward, Hunter and Natalie both made M's out of yarn on construction paper.


We don't do much "formal" preschool but I do have some Rod and Staff preschool workbooks around. Natalie has been busily working on hers this week while the bigger kids do their school work. She also tags along for a lot of the other activities from kindergarten and adventures. 

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