Thursday, March 14, 2013

March One Word Update

Here we are mid March! We've had a lot going on around here lately! Here's an update on my 
goals for this year.

1. Bible Reading.

Still plugging along! Still having to play catch up some days but keeping up pretty well! I've finished Leviticus and am in the middle of Numbers. Also read Hebrews last month. It's been very interesting and fun to keep up with my daily reading.

2. My Home

Still struggling with this! My husband is amazing and helps a LOT but I really need to get things straightened around. Our laundry plan was working well until the dryer stopped working 2 weeks ago. It took a week to get it working again thanks to my father in law who found that it was a bad breaker. Now we're still playing catch up on the laundry!

3. School

Things are going pretty well! God has provided once more and we received the last of our school books for next year thanks to my dad who would do anything for his grand kids. I don't like asking for help for school materials. I feel that it's our responsibility since we choose to home school. But Grandpa wants only the best for his grand babies and didn't want me to have to switch to a free program which I was willing and had planned  to do.

 Other than this week since I've not been feeling well school has been going well and we're on track to finish 3rd grade in early May. I've started kindergarten with my son who is always ready and eager for school work. It's been a lot of fun so far with him!

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