Thursday, April 25, 2013

Real Food Challenge Update

On Monday we went and did our grocery shopping. I was looking for meal ideas and found a great resource! 100 Days of Real Food has several week long menu plans including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day of the week. Also included is a shopping list and prices. 

One of the myths of eating healthy is that meals take a lot longer. This menu is great because they are all quick and easy meals! Things like granola, muffins and waffles are made ahead of time and stored for the week. The dinners are quick and easy to make too. 

Now for how our family is doing with this.I wish I could say it's been perfect. Unfortunately though it hasn't. I made the mistake of letting my wonderful husband go into the store on Tuesday and he comes home with donuts. Other snacks have sneaked in and Wednesday afternoon was a day of running multiple errands so it was a stop to the store for something quick for dinner since we didn't get home until almost 5. 

For the most part though we have been doing better! The kids still like their cereal for breakfast. The home made granola was a bust with them yesterday but the muffins and smoothies today were a hit with all! It will take some time to figure out what they like and make adjustments from there. Today we made muffins and smoothies. Shh don't tell the kids but there's spinach in the smoothies! I have never tried this before and was a bit leery but it was good! You really don't taste it at all. 

Here's to the rest of the week going well and keeping the junk out of the house! Be sure to stop by the Holistic Mama's site as well for more great ideas on cleansing foods and fun ideas to add to your spring menu! 

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