Monday, April 22, 2013

Marriage Monday....Marriage Retreat!

This is my first marriage Monday post but I wanted to share all of the good things my husband and I learned from the retreat we went to this past week. On Friday we took the kids to my dad's for the night and made the hour drive to the Dutch Host Inn in Sugarcreek, OH

I was so looking forward to this weekend! It was a chance to forget about issues going on and just reconnect and learn more about what God wants our marriage to look like. After getting settle in at the hotel we took a short drive to Beachy's Country Chalet to meet with the other couples on the retreat. 

There were 7 couples total including us and the two speaking. I think everyone would agree that dinner was AMAZING! Everyone went back to the hotel quite full from all the yummy food and dessert to get started for our first session. 
My husband on the left and other couples with us at Beachy's Country Chalet

That first session focused on a term I had heard before but knew nothing about, he next day was Saturday and sessions started at 9am.. My hubby was sleepy since he couldn't fall asleep but he made it through. Pizza and salad and great fellowship and encouragement over the lunch hour and a few other sessions afterward completed the day. We really enjoyed our time (I wish it was longer!) but we did miss the kiddos too so we headed back to my dad's and got home in time to make a quick dinner and play with friends. 

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