Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Must Be Doing Something Right

I just wanted to share about our week and the blessing that Chelsea has been for us this week. On Friday she was the first to get hit with a not so fun stomach bug. She was better by Sunday and everyone else was fine, or so we thought. That night my son got sick. Then on Tuesday it hit the rest of us. 

My big 9 year old was such a blessing this week! Playing with the younger two kiddos, taking the dog out when we asked and helping to straighten the living room. I even woke up this morning to find all three of them eating breakfast quietly in the kitchen! 

We have been studying Proverbs 31 this year for our Keepers at Home Bible study as well as diligence and I am seeing such great things from this little girl! Of course there are occasional complaints and such but for the majority of the time she is such an example of the loving servants heart God wants us to have for our family.

It's days like this that I thank God for my oldest blessing and think that we must be doing something right! 


  1. Yes, you ARE doing something right--what a wonderful daughter you have! It's moments like these that bless a mama's heart. :-)

  2. Yeah, Chelsea! Nice job helping your family! :)


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