Saturday, April 6, 2013

What a Week!

Another week come and gone. It's been a crazy one! Stomach bug hit each and every one of our family members. Three of us on Tuesday alone. School has been done as much as we could so here's a little update for our crazy week.

Before we get to school stuff, I wanted to share an update on the kitties! They are getting big already and starting to wander more. It's so funny to see their personalities. One is more outgoing and struts around the house. The other is almost opposite and sits and watches everything going on.




We read several of David's Psalms this week that talked about God being our shepherd and practiced the verse for Wednesday night Bible club at our church.

Psalm 42:5
Why are you in despair O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God for I shall again praise Him for the help of His presence. 


This week  we are working on multiplication with renaming! It's proven a little tricky to remember to add the renamed number instead of multiplying it but Chelsea is plugging along and doing great!


Four more states were covered this week! Kansas, Nevada, Nebraska and West Virginia. Chelsea was excited about Kansas being the sunflower state and has decided she wants to plant some this week.


This week we have been experimenting with the Lauri - Fun with Magnets kit. On Monday we made our own compass using a bar magnet, container of water and a plastic lid. The kids also had fun seeing which spots on the magnets things were attracted to the most. We didn't get to all the experiments planned for this week but we'll be sure to try them next week!


FINALLY finished Carolina's Courage on Monday and started a new book this week,The Treasure of Pelican Cove. We haven't gotten very far with the sickness this week but so far it looks like a good book!


We've only had a few days of school this week but they have been fun ones!


We continued to learn how we are like the leaves and Jesus is the plant and God is the gardener taking care of us. On Thursday Hunter made a leaf shaped badge and proudly wore it most of the day. It said "I will live and grow in Jesus. "


The math page practiced writing the number three. I gave Hunter a few reminders that his 3's dont' have to be perfect but he should try his best and it helped a LOT. The rest of the page was patterns. I didn't have to finish reading the directions before he picked up on the pattern and was coloring the rest of the leaves! He easily made up his own pattern for the last row.


We have continued to work on letter sounds that we have learned so far and recognizing beginning sounds of words. S,M and L are what we've done so far and it's a breeze for Hunter to find the beginning sounds of each word. It's fun to see him saying words and telling me what they start with.

Today he decided he was going to write the entire alphabet on the white board! 

Hunter and little sis played alphabet mmory.

To finish our school day we made letter Ll cookies! 

After school it was a trip to the grocery store, enjoying the nice weather outside and then a game night to top it off! I was one tired mama by the end of the night but it was fun and worth every moment! 

Have a blessed weekend with your family! 


  1. Henry is ADORABLE!!!

    I love the letter L cookies!

    1. That he is :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My little guy saw the photo of the kitty and said "aww, so cute, but not as cute as me!" It made me laugh!

  3. Never got around to doing the letter cookies...they look yummy! We did the alphabet in clay once. My girl loved that.

    1. We did the jell-o for one letter and wanted to try something new. Will have to see what other ideas I can find. clay would be fun!


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