Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Update #3: Allison's Arrival!

Last summer update before I start posting about our school year. Miss Allison Nicole made her big appearance on July 22nd at 8:38 pm! Here's our birth story.

Saturday and Sunday I had contractions off and on, not painful, just braxton hicks type. Monday afternoon I went to the store with my grandma and they started again. I figured they were just more of the practice contractions. 

After dinner they started getting more regular, about ten minutes apart. They gradually got closer together. Around 7 my grandma walks into the kitchen and spots me mid contraction. By this time they are five minutes apart and getting rather uncomfortable. I still think I have plenty of time. We walk in our bedroom of our new house where my husband and mom are "trying" to hang curtain rods. "Jacqueline's in labor." Grandma announces. I get some surprised looks from my mom and Wayne but tell them "oh we have plenty of time" 

At 7:30 we call my friend to come get her kids who were over to play. She comes and gets them and takes our 3 to my dad's house. By now it's 8 pm and contractions are 3 minutes apart and not fun. We leave and get to the hospital at 8:10. I have to stop walking when they come. We get to a room and I change while Wayne parks the car. I had 3 contractions in those few minutes. The nurse finally comes to check me and says that she "thinks" I'm 8 but my water hadn't broken and was right there so she was afraid of breaking it without the doctor there and baby coming. She calls the doctor and Wayne calls his mom and mine telling them to get to the hospital quick. 

Another nurse check me and says I'm complete. Doctor walks in and I start pushing. As I'm in between pushes another nurse is trying to get an IV in my hand for precautionary measures which I'm about ready to tell her to forget it but can't get the words out. She's holding it in my hand as Allison Nicole makes her arrival at 8:38. One small tear and no major issues. Allison is on my chest when my mom walks in the room and sees here there. I will never forget the look on her face of pure shock! Shortly after Wayne's mom walks in and had seen the doctor leaving as she was coming in and says "I missed it didn't I?" Doctor confirms and says "I almost missed it!."

Allison weighed in at 8lbs 0.6 oz and 19.5 inches! She's already a month old and at her checkup yesterday she had gained almost 2 lbs! The kids love her to pieces and she's another wonderful blessing for our family! 

The night she was born 

Natalie and Allison

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