Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer update 2013 Part 2

This past July got quite stressful for us. My husband was out of work again after having worked very hard for 3 weeks for an Amish construction crew and unemployment wasn't coming in for whatever reason. We had been behind on our rent and and out landlord was tired of working with us and waiting for his money. At the end of June we got a letter from Metro housing saying that our wait was up and we'd be getting assistance after 3 years on the waiting list! The problem though was that most people don't want to rent to a family with 3 kids, one on the way, husband not working and pending eviction.

God truly had His plan in the works though! My mom was on the hunt for a rental house. I get a call at 7 am saying that she found a house in a nice neighborhood and the owner is super nice. We went the next night to meet her and see the house. We fell in love with the house and she seemed to really like us. We asked her if she would be willing to accept payment from Metro and she reluctantly accepted.

I was very doubtful that this would work out though. After filling out the paper work and waiting and waiting for metro to do their end of the bargain we finally got in touch with them and they came to do the inspection on July 17th which happened to be our 9th wedding anniversary.

A little before lunch the home owner was at our door with the keys to the house! She said "It's all yours!"  We were thrilled but I still had a feeling like this was all too good to be true! Finally out of our tiny 3 bedroom apartment town house in a not so great neighborhood and into a beautiful neighborhood and pretty big house! We started moving things over to our new house a little at a time. A week and a half later several men from our church came and helped move the bigger furniture from our apartment and we were officially moved into our new rental home!

God's provision has amazed me! On the same day that we got the keys we found out that Wayne had gotten hired at a job he never thought he'd have! He is now working with high functioning handicapped people and loving his job!

I will post pictures of our new home once I get my phone back but wanted to get this posted. God is good and HE WILL PROVIDE IN HIS TIMING! I wanted things done my way and in my timeline but His was exactly right on time and even better than I could have imagined!

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