Friday, October 25, 2013

A Mother's Love

Last night as I was going to bed and thinking about what I wanted to share with you I checked Facebook from my phone and saw this very sweet story posted by a mom from my church. Her daughter has battled cancer for the past 11 years and always amazes me with her faith and trust in God. I wanted to share the story she posted last night so here you go.

"Saw something beautiful today. A tired mother brought her thirteen year old severely, handicapped daughter into the radiology waiting room for a test. This daughter was dressed so carefully with her hair done beautifully and full of barrettes. The daughter, forever a toddler, was trapped in a big girl body and was fussing because she didn't feel well. That mother was so patient and tender as she took her out of her seat, held that big girl on her lap...rocking and singing to her in the waiting room. She considered it an honor to care for her daughter and continued to smile as she did so. This mother should challenge us all to see that even on the hardest of days your perspective can greatly change your actions...take time to be patient, smile and love on those in your life"

I pray this story touches you the way it did me, as a reminder to love my children with tender kindness and patience no matter what the situation may be. 
Photo via versaday.coom

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