Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homesschool Week in Review 10/13-10/18

Hi again! We've had a fun week so I'd like to share a little with you of our week.

4th Grade 


For our geography study we finished learning about North America and Canada.
We looked up and printed out several pictures of traditional clothing for Mexico, Greenland, Cube and Canada. 

Found a great video on Canada on YouTube. It was a little long but the initial information was really good. It talked about the climate, language and lifestyles of people there. The video also mentioned the fact that they are getting immigrants from all over the world. 

We also made a blueberry dessert from a recipe found in A Trip Around the World and ate it with our home made ice cream (read more about that in the kindergarten section)
Hunter and Chelsea enjoying our desserts (and yes our table is a mess at the end of a school day!)


We continued reading in the living world encyclopedia about river and stream animal life. All the kids were very interested in the page about water birds. We tried an experiment with paper feathers. I dipped them in oil and they tried running them under water to see how birds protect their wings from the water. 


This week we tried out Easy Peasy's English program which focused on poetry. We read several poems and had a blast trying out tongue twisters! 

For writing Chelsea made up her own sentence. We then made a list of ten words that could be used to describe the noun. One was chosen and added to the sentence. Then we made a list of ten words to describe the verb part of the sentence and added it to the sentence as well. 


We tried making an imprint of a leaf into clay and then using that to make prints on paper. I'm not sure what we did wrong but it really didn't look like a leaf when we tried to put the paint on the paper. Maybe we needed to do a few more prints to get it going. 


Chelsea is still enjoying Easy Peasy! YAY! We continued practicing subtraction with renaming and also rounding to the nearest hundred and adding those together. She is using Xtra Math to practice her math facts and it seems to be really helping a lot! 


We finished out cow unit this week! Hunter practiced writing words we made on the word ladder and read several new words. He's finally starting to get how to figure out the word after sounding it out. He does get frustrated easily with it but we're moving along nicely. We also read the second Bob book "Sam" and Hunter was quite proud that he'd read the entire book himself! 

We tried shaking whipping cream to make butter but none of the kids were very interested in working at that project. So guess who got to do it? Yep, mom! We also made some home made ice cream using the Sassafrass ice cream maker Chelsea got as a gift a few years ago. 


Natalie learned about the letter B this week! She had fun coloring a bee picture, watching videos, working in her Rod and Staff work book and making her craft.To end our week I found a fun little cow craft for Hunter to do and Natalie made a beaver for her B week. 

Baby Days

Allison is starting to hold toys and  be awake more. She loves to have attention whenever she's awake which is making things a little tricky for mom. A lot more baby wearing may be ahead for us during school.

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