Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pastor Appreciation

You've probably heard by now but October is Pastor Appreciation month. I wanted to share with you some ways that you can encourage your pastors and their wives this month since they work tirelessly all year round to serve, teach and guide us in our Christian lives. 

1. A card: drop a thank you card in their box at church or even send it straight to their home. 
2.Go up to your pastor after his sermon and tell him how much you appreciate his teaching
3. Invite them over for a meal at your house.
4. Offer to serve in the church in a way that you know your pastor or his wife would appreciate some help
5. Pray for your pastors and their wives.
6. A small gift or a gift card to their favorite restaurant
7.. Send an email or post a message to them on Facebook.
8. . Whatever else you can think of to show your pastors and their wives that you appreciate all they do! 

1 Thessalonians Chapter 5

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