Thursday, November 14, 2013

Born Of Persuason by Jessica Dotta: A Review

Rural England in the 1800's is the place for Jussica Dotta's book "Born of Persuasion." Like many books it starts off rather slowly, introducing characters and setting up background info.Once I really got into it though I couldn't put it down!                                                                                

    About the Story

    Young Julia Elliston is forced to make decisions on her future after her mother's mysterious death. After being released from her previous engagement to Edward Aubun who recently became the local pastor. She rashly seeks a husband to avoid her guardians demands to go to Scotland. Julia never thought though that the man she thought she loved she would soon be running for her life.  


 What I Thought          

    I love the Victorian era which is why I picked this book in the first place. Secondly it's by a Christian author who includes an element of faith as Edward tries to help Julia see that God is in control and allows things to happen in our lives for a reason. Jessica Dotta has the next  book in this series coming out next summer and I can't wait to get my hands on it and read more of Julia and Edwards story 

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