Saturday, November 16, 2013

Brazil, Elephants and Penguins! Week in Review 11/4-11/15

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I didn't get an update doe last week so here's some fun pictures from the past two weeks!

Exploring Countries and Cultures: Brazil

In fourth grade ECC we finished up Brazil/ South America. We had a LOT of fun this week! We made carnival masks, listened to samba music and made 2 Brazilian desserts which were both a big hit with all three kids and myself.

 photo 0171136246b13dc72fc70919bc09c0d16f5195c70f_zps0a2a3d14.jpg Our avocado dessert

 photo 01a86c40941a52d6785768fda635cc7b03bfba827a_zps98c157de.jpg Yummy cookies!

 photo 019f8c7e800ccdca5f0ae60183c85863c07efb90e1_zps083993c3.jpg

Chelsea in her carnival mask!

 photo 01dea0d03d045cb0665b48651bd15fbad6de0217dd_zps1555b41f.jpg We read about Nate Saint & made an MAF plane

 photo 01aa021842017179a9040aa1b78288997cd99c6d4b_zpsb3f51b8a.jpg

Reading about the rain forest

 photo 01bc6e88009d6cdcdffeaf5070aca7c37143c67403_zpscec3536f.jpg Playing the geography with Daddy

 photo 012cfb22700f65db2088e85dae8f3d44a7e7a45574_zpsce19d1e6.jpg

Working on some math

Kindergarten/ Preschool: Elephants and Penguins

Last week we finished up our elephant unit and on Tuesday we started Pp Penguins. Natalie has been tagging along with big brother most of the time.

 photo 01a67223572b976f18f009a84c8bb5b63278d7a08c_zpsc7811119.jpgReading "The Sled"

 photo 0155e32d292432dfa80031469120c5331425f9ccc7_zps1fbb3b1a.jpgHunter drawing things that stat with Ee
 photo 0140f2cea98239cfaf50a8f4108631b9748ddf9bc9_zps3b152c7f.jpg

 photo 0177234a52b03c89650c35ec39ead809111a69f2ec_zps8e29a155.jpg
Our "iceberg" in the kitchen sink.

 photo 010705a216a6c9a50f15e7101e988df72b0787e95b_zps8b3060c1.jpg

 Natalie playing with the iceberg

 photo 012fe846e9d98ff0551e0ec2fe12845ffe4caa3651_zpsb6122047.jpg Word ladder page

 photo 018f7677a1b80ef9856c869fb3e8a8a233d9412dd8_zps74a7a411.jpgwriting letter Pp
 photo 012d52c3b5e2851efdb2bcc0fd19c3d473fa140c6b_zps40ec5b67.jpg  Penguin card for Daddy. We used the badge to trace the shape.

Baby Days

 photo 40cf4efa-1b98-48cd-be34-e5432794d3b3_zpsaa5e7356.jpg
Rolling over pretty well now!

 photo 0122a120e15c2f7be52c3ddae6c4583ee64ec9e87a_zps01844756.jpgSnuggled with big sister Natalie
 photo 0103326daeab06332ed5315fc50af5830d68e400c6_zps2a8394f6.jpg
One of the kids must have caught this one! I love the look on her face

 photo 012d5dbe6e99ac108565073a578906f5b7a06bfa71_zpse42465a9.jpg Anytime Chelsea is around Miss Allie is captivated and smiling!

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  1. I love this!! We did K and ECC together and have the best memories. :) I miss MFW and look forward to jumping back into the cycle next year. :) My children remember quite a bit from that year, especially the continent song (it even helped ME remember the continents). :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I forgot about the continent song! lol We are absolutely in love with MFW. This is our 2nd year with it and so thankful God led us here.


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