Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Update 11/18-11/22 Penguins, Kangaroos and Norway!

Exploring Countries and Cultures

Last week we "flew" across the Atlantic to Norway! We had some fun making woven hearts out of paper like Norwegian children do for Christmas, had a challenging geography game with all those little European countires and learned some fun facts like 2 countries in Europe are only 1 square mile! 

We are continuing to use and enjoy Easy Peasy for math and reading. We've moved out of the poetry section and into Aesop's Fables for reading. Math was a challenge with the mental math lessons but we've made our way through and are continuing to work on those skills.
 photo 011dd54dd14ac7ff3d32b6d7beb8b3e23122d70e04_zpse34975eb.jpg


In Kindergarten/Preschool news we finished up our penguin unit and started learning about kangaroos! Since we had balloons hanging around from the birthday party I made one int a penguin, He came out quite cute although his feet didn't last long with a rambunctious five year old around. Hunter and Natalie were both amused by the fact that baby kangaroos are called joeys. Natalie got a BIG preschool book for her birthday and has been excited to work in it and earn the stickers.
 photo 013a2decfd9a39a8e77108a47de121be854271ceb5_zps963854c7.jpg

 photo 01bf96908e03f4ea7eb8b60ebc204ee5d659fda73f_zps9a552ce0.jpg

 photo 019b21f48ebbc88bbaff1b73e53801ac0a361ac492_zps34913956.jpg

 photo 013044d845e221b9e5a55dffb1da5df9dcff7be1af_zps67a404a2.jpg

Baby Days 

Miss Allison continues to be a happy little baby who loves attention! She is starting to roll now but still gets mad pretty quickly on her belly. The best news is she's sleeping longer! Last night we got a seven hour stretch. Mama is hoping we are going to keep it up.

 photo 013b0c20f452ef9785679bf687ec244a0dae05b6f6_zpsaa0465f8.jpg
 photo 01375e4e1b354e398a1b8ff4f2c12f675a7f5af91e_zps903a6491.jpg
 photo 012b81897ce6e83625b3568a141c53efa123f06964_zpsc6256118.jpg 

We've had a fun week! How about you?

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