Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time for Jesus?

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This past Sunday we made it to church and through the sermon. I only heard bits and pieces while taking care of the baby and then trying to get her to sleep when she got tired. Afterward everyone helped setup for communion, the men went into the other room and the women sat in our area for feet washing. As usual our assistant pastor's wife had several songs picked out for us to sing while we went through this first part of our three-fold communion.

One of the songs really struck me. I know it was the Holy Spirit working on my heart as we sang these words.
  1. Have you any time for Jesus,
    While the fleeting moments roll?
    Is this mortal life so busy
    That you cannot save your soul?
    • Refrain:
      Soon the summons from the portals
      Of the mansions in the sky
      May be sounding your departure;
      You must then take time to die.
  2. Have you any time for Jesus?
    Can it be, life’s journey through,
    That you have no time to serve Him
    Who has spent His life for you?
  3. Time for business, time for pleasure,
    Time to revel on in sin—
    Will you not take time for Jesus?
    Oh, invite Him to come in.
  4. If you have no time for Jesus
    Ere you pass beyond the blue,
    In the resurrection morning
    He will have no time for you.
It made me realize I really haven't been spending time with Him through Bible reading and daily prayer. I've been letting so many things in my life take my attention away from Him. 

It's easy to do really, in our modern day world with so man distractions fighting for our attention. The smart phone with another game notification, e-mail coming in that needs to be read, Facebook posts to read, videos to watch, people to chat with. blogs to read and of course there's the daily tasks of a mother caring for the house and children. The list is never ending. 

I'm starting today. Even if it's midnight and I'm tired I'm determined to make time for my loving savior, Lord, master, friend, counselor, provider and redeemer. 
The word of Daniel O. Teasley's song don't only remind Christians to spend time with the Lord but it's also a message to those unbelievers who haven't given their hearts to Him.  "If you have no time for Jesus, Ere you pass beyond the blue, In the resurrection morning He will have no time for you." It's his way of sharing the gospel news. Jesus has saved us from our sin by dieing on the cross. If we don't have time for Him and open our hearts to invite Him in we will be turned away at heaven's gate when we are called home.

How about you? Have you any time for Jesus? Or have the things of this world gotten int the way?

If you're like me and have let things get in the way of your time with Him, take back that precious time! You'll be glad you did. 

If you haven't yet opened the door, do it today! Let Jesus into your heart, pray and ask forgiveness for your sins and begin that wonderful relationship with Him!

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