Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You use CLOTH?!?!?

Yes, that's right we use cloth diapers....and we LIKE it! 

This was my impression before I learned more about cloth diapers.I often get the grossed out faces and comments when I tell people we use cloth diapers. It doesn't bother me. It's actually quite fun to see the looks people get when they find out that we don't throw away diapers but wash them instead. After the initial shock we are often asked "Why? " So here's the reasons why we chose to use cloth diapers. The switch was made when expecting our third blessing. Before that I was like most people "Ewww. I would never want to do that!" 

There are two main reasons why we chose to make the switch back in 2009. 

1. Eco friendly!

My husband and i are all about recycling as much as possible, using green products and the like. When I watched a video on gDiapers website about the fact that disposables (aka sposies) don't biodegrade but instead sit in land fills for hundreds of years i was disgusted (my turn for the grossed out face!).

2. Wallet Friendly!

Yes cloth diapers cost $15-$20 plus each initially but let's take a look at the overall cost between disposables and cloth. 

I love the fact that i can buy my cloth diapers for $200 on the cheaper end or $500 on the pricier end and be done (If you so choose that is)! That's a fraction of the cost. Especially in times when my husband was looking for work, cloth diapers were such a blessing because we didn't have to scrounge up 410 every week for diapers!

Then there's the perks to using cloth. First of all they're cute (and can be quite addicting to shop for and swap)! There are so many fun patterns and colors to choose from that cloth is just nicer to see on your little one than a plastic sposie.

Second, there's something for everyone! There are so many different types, styles and absorbency options it really can be overwhelming at first! Our first time around we were all about the pocket diapers. 

As time went on I wanted to try other varieties so I got some covers and prefolds and some all in one or all in two diapers. You can buy extra liners or inserts to make them more absorbent for night time or even special night time diapers. There's a diaper to fit every budget, baby, preference and need. 

Now you're asking 

"But where do I begin?" 

I have just the place. The Humbled Homemaker has made an eBook for you that has all the information you could possibly need about cloth diapering. When I first looked into cloth diapering three years ago I was scouring the Internet for information and it would have been so much easier to have this book handy! 

Cloth Diaper Guide
click image for more info

Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert is also a part of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle on sale this week! So instead of paying the full price for 1 great book, you can pay the $29.97 for the bundle of 88 books, freebies and conference. 

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