Tuesday, December 17, 2013

No Toys?: Giving Our Children Gifts that Make Memories

Every year for Christmas our children get LOTS AND LOTS OF TOYS! 

Each year we have four Christmas events. 
1. Christmas Eve at my dad's
2. Christmas morning at home with just our family.
3. Later Christmas day with my mom, grandma and cousins
4. Another day with my husbands family. 

All of that adds up to way too much stuff! 

Many things are well loved and played with for a while. Most toys lose pieces or break or are simply forgotten and left in a toy box. 

This Christmas my husband and I decided to do something a little different. We will still have some gifts for our children to open on Christmas morning, books, a game or a combination of things yet to be determined. 
                                                My son Hunter a few years ago at our 3rd gift opening event.
The main gifts won't be toys though. We are going to get things we can do as a family! There are things our children have been asking to do for quite some time now and we just haven't had the funds with the job situation. So, for Christmas we are going to give them gift certificates for things like bowling, Chuck E Cheese, roller skating or a zoo membership. 

My mom's reaction when I mentioned getting the kids zoo passes.....

"That's not much fun for them to open."

It may not be fun to open BUT as soon as they realize that we can go to the zoo as much as we want next year or we can go bowling or skating they will be very excited! 

Just to make sure I ran our idea by them a few days ago.


There may not be a pile of toys under the tree but we are sure to make many memories with our children in the coming months that they will remember when the toys have long since been forgotten. 

What is your family doing for gift giving to make things simpler this Christmas?

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  1. My mom says the same thing! But, my kids love going to all those places, and this year we are getting a membership to a new museum that I know my oldest will FLIP to see the coming exhibits, so I'm excited just in anticipation of their excitement!

    1. Have fun! I think we've finally decided on the zoo passes. We haven't gone since Hunter was a baby. Thanks for responding!


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