Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Homeschooling + Baby = ?

Have you welcomed a new baby into your family or expecting one soon? Congrats! Last summer we welcomed my little Allison into our family. I've shared about surviving the newborn baby days but what about when you're ready to get back to schooling? I'd like to share what I've learned over the past several months.

Last year we had taken most of the summer off of school and the kids were already asking for school to resume. I was able to appease them for a few weeks after the baby arrived but by September they were ready to go!

I have to admit, I was struggling with getting school work in! I was used to getting started by 9 am and done by noon (most days anyway). It just wasn't happening and i was getting quite frustrated! It didn't help matters that baby was (and still is) up in the middle of the night for feedings. I'm not complaining about it but you know as well as I do how tired that can make you.

So, here I was frustrated with not getting our schooling in, extremely tired and feeling like I was failing at getting things done around my house and homeschool. Many days I just wanted to cry. Have you been there?

.There is one in particular group that I turn to for homeschooling advice. My message was basically, "HELP!" I' had been homeschooling a few years but my youngest was nine months old and in a regular routine when we had started 3 years ago. So this is ALL new to me!

Here's a few things they helped me realize.

1. School doesn't have to be don ONLY in the morning. Yes that's the way I preferred t but it's just not going to happen with the needs of a baby.

2. Tiredness comes with the territory, so  better get used to coping with it. Eventually she'll sleep through the night and I'll get better sleep again. For now though, coffee is my friend in the mornings!

In other words, learn to relax my schedule, up the caffeine (just a little) and things will go a lot more smoothly.

So, I decided to give it a shot. Something has to help, right?

I relaxed my schedule, we got school work done in the morning, after lunch, sometimes even after dinner! As long as it was done, we're good to go.

It seems like something so simple but for whatever reason I just didn't get it until it was spelled out for me. And you know what? Some days we get everything done and iI feel greatly accomplished! Other days we get most stuff done but not everything which is ok. There's others where we get a few things and have to catch up later and that's ok too.

 That's the beauty of homeschooling! You can make your schedule work around your family, it doesn't have to fit a beautiful color coded schedule you see some families using or some strict 9-12 schedule. It can be more relaxed, get things done as you can and everyone is happier, especially mom who is no longer pulling her hair out in frustration.

My homeschooling + baby equaled stress and tears for a time but give yourself grace mom! New babies are a lot of work and you'll learn what works best for you! You can choose to be stressed and in tears like I was or learn to relax and go with the flow and have joy in your homeschool again!

What are your tips for homeschooling with a baby in the house? 


  1. This is great and I can totally relate being a working at home mom with a 2 and 3 year old. Thanks for linking at Pintastic Pinteresting Party

  2. I love reading this post a lot. Many people give up homeschooling with a baby presence as a reason. Having baby is a bless from God that we should not consider it as a resistance, instead of a challenge. God knows that you should be able to handle it.


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