Thursday, April 3, 2014

ABC's of Homeschoolng Creatvity : C is for Craft Foam

Today I have a list of ten ideas for using craft foam. I like this stuff because you can get a pack of it at the dollar store, it comes in a wide variety of colors and even comes with adhesive already on the back of it. Versatile and inexpensive. Sounds good to me! 
Pretty Foam Pinwheels

Picture from

1.Pinwheels Here's another use for those buttons too!  Picture from

2.Puppets  You can buy pre-made animal or other shapes and stick them on craft sticks or make your own shapes!

DIY Lacing cards using craft foam and a hole punch!  BRILLIANT - and so much cheaper than buying them.

3.DIY Lacing Cards can be made when you cut out your own shapes and then use a hole punch to make holes around it. Kiddos can lace string or yarn through the holes for fine motor development. 

4.Cut out shapes of self adhesive craft foam, stick it onto a block of wood and you have your own stamp

5.Foam bath murals: I saw this a few months ago but I love this idea! You can make bath time even more fun by cutting out several shapes of regular craft foam. When wet it sticks to the sides of the tub. You can make pieces for a certain theme or just random shapes and let the imaginations run with it. Picture from Filth Wizardry 

6.Tactile letters for preschool and kindergarten. Cut out the letters and use them to let your little ones trace them with their fingers or as a model to copy when writing. 

7. Embellish other projects or items. For the title picture my daughter and I cut blue foam to make fins for her Flounder car. 

Craft foam book mark

8. Bookmarks that could be a flower or a variety of other shapes you choose! The link shows you how to make a flower bookmark that children can then use to keep in their reading books for school. Picture from Craft Elf

9. Make a matching and sorting game by sticking pre-cut foam shapes onto cards or bigger pieces of foam. Use these to play a shape memory game. Another option would be to let kids sort them by either shape or color. 

10. Foam puzzles or original artwork. Make pictures to have children copy as a puzzle or give them a container of shapes and see what they create with them!  

What ideas do you have for using craft foam? 


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! I have a 4 year old and I'm top-empty when it comes to creativity - I depend on borrowed ideas as these :-) I've just begun writing a blog on all these ideas that I do at home with my baby - I also do picturebook reviews at

    Good luck for the challenge! :-) Great going!

  2. Great ideas! In my fantasy life I'm a homeschooling mom. It's so appealing, at least in my fantasy. I'm sure the reality is quite challenging, though! Keeping those little ones busy all day. Sounds like foam is a must have!


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